Inconsistent taste/texture from different lots of 2.0

Just tried some of the new batch. It’s more creamy and a little more milky tasting, but I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been looking. I actually think I might like this batch more, judging by the first bottle alone.


Missed the delivery before my trip so I won’t be able to do a comparison until after Christmas break. But I hope it’ll be the same…2.0 is just so good! Ever since I tried 2.0, I’ve had trouble finishing any pitcher of 1.5 before it goes bad because I find it kind of yucky now.

Just had my first bottle of November 2.0 today and it definitely tastes different. Too soon to tell whether it’s different-better or different-worse.

I’d love to see an actual real ABX test. But I’ll just go ahead and say that it tastes exactly the same to me anyway.

Have you tasted it? All of my August 2.0 tasted like every other bottle from August; the November batch tastes different, but so far (about a box in) every bottle tastes exactly like every other bottle from November.

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Yes - that’s why I have an opinion. I’ve had a 2.0 subscription since it became available, and have been consuming Soylent in general for well over a year now.

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Supertaster here
I got my new shipment in the middle of December.
The November (December?) batch with the matte bottles do in fact taste different than the shiny bottles.

It is lighter, with less taste - more water seems to be added, like it is diluted. It is creamier and more like milk. Less sediment than the previous shiny bottles. This of course allowed me to have a more direct observance of the algal oil - which I can say is a very interesting flavor – being grown in clean water that is not salt-water makes this daffodil petal flavor stand out a little more – combining that with the mixture of the multivitamin and other ingredients, I am somewhat suprized at how good the oil tastes. I think if someone handed me a cup of the algal oil and didn’t tell me what it was, I think I would be able to guess what it was.

Well, whatever happened, it seems creamier and diluted. I was worried that if it is diluted it wouldn’t be as filling. But I didn’t have a problem with that – so I think Temperature was a factor when this batch was made. Either that, or the Algal Oil wasn’t properly measured the first time.

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I am, too, but I only use my power for good (whiskey).


You’ve made me chuckle loud enough to make my coworkers wonder what the heck I was doing…

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I’m starting to think that you are right. I never got bottles with mold, but there were some old bottles that had condensed Soylent at the top and they actually tasted better. This new soylent is tasting pretty bad in comparison. I suspended my next subscription until we get a clear response, because the new bottles are hard to drink for me. I can’t get used to the new taste.

lol good one!
I’ll stick with Guinness though.

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I just gave my November 2.0 a try and the taste is definitely different.

I did ordered 1.5 too not long ago, and some of the after taste 1.5 had is in November 2.0 now.

I don’t know exactly how many August 2.0 I drank, but probably more than 100.

I’ll say August 2.0 taste better… But back then, I didn’t like August 2.0, but it grew on me… So maybe it will be the same thing with November 2.0.

What worries me is that it supposed to be the same ?

I wouldn’t mind a revised 2.0… I can’t say my health being great with it, I got forced to revert back to junk food :frowning: … I feel there is something missing in Soylent that my body needs. I hope that what missing is now what I taste lol.

It took me about a box before I preferred the new batch’s taste.

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If I was I would have said so.

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Finally got a chance to compare the two side by side. Had my roommate shake up and pour some of each into two identical mugs. She didn’t tell me which one was which until after I had made my assessments. They are indeed very different!

Smell: They smell different; November smells more like milk while August smells more like cheerios
Appearance: November is lighter in colour, with August being a darker beige.
Viscosity: November is runnier and sloshes/pours more easily, whereas August is thicker. The difference is like that between skim milk(November) and cream(August)
Texture: The mouthfeel of August was grittier, and November chalkier…it’s as if the powdered ingredients are ground more finely now.
Taste: The cheerios taste that I had from the old batch is missing from the new one. November tastes closer to milk, with some oaty aftertaste.

I have a slight preference for the new stuff…but I’m concerned about what is causing these differences. I hope RL will have an explanation soon.


It’s entirely possible that the new batch’s primary difference is that it’s fresher.

If no microorganisms get in, stored Soylent won’t go “bad,” but that doesn’t mean that nothing changes over time.


I didn’t do a side by side test. It’s probably been a month since I had any of the August 2.0. Just opened a November bottle, it tastes exactly like what I remember August tasting like. I can’t tell a difference.

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Too much of the sunflower oil taste in this new shipment I just got. Before I could only taste the rice chex, and milk taste, now the after taste is all sunflower oil that taste like cardboard and that nasty crap they call 1.4 and 1.5.

First two months were great no issues, first two bottles of this order, horrible, and then I come to the forums to find out I am not crazy

Edit: And yes I am frustrated. 120 of my meals a month come from Soylent, I expect soylent to be consistent from bottle to bottle, and month to month.

There’s no sunflower oil in 2.0. Definitely tastes different, though. Less sweet.

The formula is the same, but I wonder if any of the ingredient sources are different? If not, I guess freshness might be it…