Increased price for Canadian customers

Just saw this on Reddit:

I tested with a few different purchase sizes to see the extent of the difference:

56 bags (unsubscribed) = $512 for US, $576 for Canada. Difference is $64, 12.5%.

56 bags (subscribed) = $432 for US, $547.20 for Canada. Difference is $115.20, 26.6667%.

7 bags (unsubscribed) = $64 for US, $72 for Canada. Difference is $8, 12.5%.

7 bags (subscribed) = $54 for US, $68.40 for Canada. Difference is $14.40, 26.667%.

12 bottles 2.0 (unsubscribed) = $34 for US, $45 for Canada. Difference is $11, 32.35%.

12 bottles 2.0 (subscribed) = $32.30 for US, $42.75 for Canada. Difference is $10.45, 32.35%.

Difference doesn’t vary based on purchase size. With powder, the difference is greater for subscriptions than non-subscriptions. With ready-to-drink, the difference is the same regardless of if you are subscribing or not.

Canadians also seem to pay the same price for 2.0 as they do for Coffiest, Cacao and Nectar - $3.75/bottle unsubscribed, $3.56/bottle subscribed.


This is bull, it was bad enough that we had to pay in USD, but now this?
There’s no way that I’ll keep buying soylent


Can Canadians buy through Amazon? Has anyone compared the price?

So as a Canadian I luckily created a sub for Nectar and Cacao on 4th of this month before the price increase went through. I understand I can pause my subscription without losing my pricing but can I increase the volume of my sub without losing the legacy pricing as well?

Additionally, Is the price increase a temporary measure while the company builds Canadian infrastructure or is this likely to be “the price” going forward? I have a few friends who are very interested in Soylent who are a lot less interested after a 30% price increase.

Loving both the new flavors by the way.

Most things in Canada is more expensive than in the USA (at least it tends to feel that way), and the reason is “just because”. Soylent just decided to get on board with that.

Not sure, but could be due to import tax or other sort of logistical expenses that is the reason?

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Well that’s a bummer. I guess this won’t affect my current powder subscription, but I’ll be a lot less likely to buy different products in the future.


Those are huge bumps in price, although I get operating in Canada is more expensive. Keeping pricing in USD on top of these bumps seems a tad greedy, and certainly makes Soylent compelling.

I’d actually know in what specific ways it’s more expensive to operate in Canada, other than shipping across the border.

At any rate, I’m not bothered by this, personally - it doesn’t affect current subs. But I am bothered by an increase in general, because one of the stated goals of Soylent is to get much cheaper. (I’m too drunk & lazy right now to cite that, do it yourself if you don’t believe me)


Or did exchange rates move?

I’m not sure why keeping prices in US dollars is greedy, as stated above, since RF pays for Soylent in US$.

At first I assumed RF would franchise Soylent – wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper if made in Canada?

I assume the issue is more that, if selecting the Canadian page of other websites, prices are in CAD. That, combined with the fact CAD and USD use the same $ symbol could be misleading for some.


Selecting the Canadian page on still lists the prices in USD. This is only clear if you view the items in your cart.


I think it’s fair to charge in USD and add a shipping charge for Canada for sure. Or they could price in CAD and bake in the additional costs for selling in Canada. Charges in USD adds currency exchange fees on top of already higher prices.

As Soylent is made in America, it should fall under NAFTA and shouldnt have import duties. Health Canada certification is also a 1 time cost which would have already been done.

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I’m pretty sure that’s due to something being broken or incomplete. If all of us who are experiencing that problem drop RF a line, hopefully they’ll jump on it and get that fixed.

It’s not an issue, it’s deliberate. See this reddit comment chain:

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Haha, yeah, I’m glad I have the old price with my subscription. It’s about $2 CAD per 400cal powder meal for me right now. It would be a little over $2.50 CAD per 400cal meal with the new subscription price (roughly $71 vs $90 CAD per box, subscribed).

I haven’t tried it, but Hol Food is $80 CAD per tub with a subscription. They still list their info as 28 500cal meals, so it’d be roughly $2.30 CAD per 400cal at current prices. If I had to pay the new price for Soylent, I’d seriously consider switching to Hol Food.

While we’re on the topic, are there any other powder options for Canadians besides Hol Food and Biolent? What about ready-to-drink options?

There are no alternative ready-to-drinks to my knowledge, but there is one more powder company: Tudo (

In addition to that, there are a whole host of other options that ship to Canada from elsewhere which you can see in the following two links (they share some brands but also have some the other doesn’t):[]=can


For any new Canadian customer, they now have to pay $42.75 USD for a subscribed 12 pack.
At the current exchange rate, it is 56.25 CAD.
That comes to $4.68 CAD per bottle.

32% price increase.
That’s a lot!

I’ve converted 9 friends to Soylent 2.0 so far (and 3 friends to Soylent powder).
And most of them are saying that despite the exchange rate, it was worth it but it was also limit pricey.

Now, I have to adjust my pitch and it makes it ridiculous to tell them it’s $4.68 CAD per bottle.

Thirty. Two. Percent.

Imagine your favorite restaurant tells you: "Your $10 meal is now $13.20"
Hahaha, that almost feels like a joke.

(Sorry for the click-bait title.)

P.S.: On top of that, they make you select “Canada” in the website options and have all the prices adjust, but they stay in USD, hahaha, thanks for the added salt in this expensive wound. Good thing my healthcare is free.