Increased variation in order sizes would be convenient


I’m looking to (if everything goes according to plan) go on a 66% soylent plan, which with the current ordering size options would not be possible to sustain for an entire month. I would have to order a shipment of 14 bags and another order of 7 bags (42 + 21 meals / 30 days). Is this optimal? I plan on using my first shipment of 14 bags up and then deciding what to do from there.

Anyone else have two different sized subscriptions to fit a specific number of meals per month? Would I need to wait another 5 months to receive my order if I add another subscription?


Do what I plan on doing: Get a full month sub and sell the extra week. OR, considering how erratic subscription shipments seem to be lately, just get a full month anyway so you won’t be without Soylent when they inevitably take way too long to send your next month.

But I agree, I’ve been banging the “3-week subscription” drum for a while, to no avail.


14+7 bags every 28 days will make you to 75%.
If you are consuming 19 bags every 28 days - you will be left over with only 2 bags.

Believe me, you will appreciate those two bags as reserve.

From the long term strategy - you can always order the following:
1st Month: 14 + 7
2nd Month: 14 + 7
3rd Month: 14 + 7
4th Month: 14 + 0
5th Month: 14 + 7
6th Month: 14 + 7
7th Month: 14 + 7
8th Month: 14 + 0.
“Month” in this case is 28 days
I don’t see a problem with skipping your second subscription every 4 months. You will never have more than 5 bags left (for sharing with friends).

From the practical standpoint - variable order set will increase complexity for everybody and will add some costs.

The only order size that is actually missing is 1 or 3 days for starters.


I guess my question still stands: would I be able to do this without dealing with the 5 month wait for my 7 bag order?


All reorders made with the same email as your first order get fast tracked. So no you wouldn’t have to wait 5 months. You may have to remind them that you are a reorder and not a new subscriber.


Thank you! much appreciated.

I think this should be suitable enough to get enough product to fit my diet. Now all I need to do is get my initial order to make sure I’m not going to explode from gas issues :slight_smile:


Except you’re forgetting that it’s cheaper to order in bigger quantities. A 1 week sub is $70, and two weeks is $130. So doing them separately would have a grand total of $200, whereas just getting a 4 week sub is $255, $15 cheaper for that extra week.

Having more flexible orders like that would not “increase costs” – if anything, the 1-3 day options you provide would, as the cost of shipping would be much greater compared to the product cost. But your sycophantic tendencies are nothing new, so it surprised me when I found you haven’t even gotten your first order yet.


Nothing to say about your pessimistic tendencies and attempts to switch topic from the discussion to personal analysis. Thanks for attempts to analyze my behavior, but leave it out from the forum please.

Regarding costs for 14 bags: it’s $9.28 per bag, whereas 28 bags is $9.11.
I agree that you might expect to see price of 21 bags option in between (maybe $9.2).

Unfortunately, if the OP want to have quite specific order size for his 66.0% needs. The most cost effective option will be just to order 28 bags subscription and pause it every third month, leaving it to 2 meals of Soylent and 1 meal of regular food.

It’s always trade of between cost per bag and need to store 10-20 bags in closet. Everyone should decide is he can sacrifice some boxes to store or $0.3 to overpay (per bag).

Proposed 1-3 day option are ONLY for first timers or simply curious people. Of course at price of $15/bag or more. With delivery in 2 weeks.

PS. I’m on Soylent from v 1.1 while sharing my friend’s order. Yes, I expect to see my personal order soon, so I can share with more friends to persuade them to order their own. I don’t mind to feed them occasionally from my supply until they will get their turn.


Just use the extra to stucco your house.


9 x $255 = $2,295

12 x $200 = $2,400

Net savings $105 per year. I will no longer recommend 2 subscriptions per month.


Can we get some kind of response about order size variation?