Is there anyone else from India who is keen to get on Soylent?

I have been following Robs story from the very beginning. I want to self experiment as the others in this forum but I cannot get a hold of the essential ingredients to make it happen. I am awaiting a response from a supplier in Delhi (fingers crossed).

If anyone from this part of the world has managed to source the nutrients to create their own concoction, please respond here to let me know. It would be great to collaborate.

While I was going through the forum I found some useful links to DIY which I am sharing below.

Knowledge is only valuable if it is useful. Proper nutrition is useful in everyway!


hey Harsh

I have been following Rob’s blog since the first time it got up. I too am keen to get started with Soylent. I was hoping I could do that with the Kickstarter campaign.

I haven’t really tried going in for DIY solution as yet.

Would be good to have some information about some suppliers in Delhi. I will also try and post any links which could help us make our own recipe.


Hey Raz!

I’ve been able to locate a wholesale supplier of Maltodextrin and Protein. He also has other nutrients but the problem is that he supplies in bulk (25kg bags for instance). Any update from your side? I am hoping that the kickstarter will give us access to Soylent here.


Hii Harsh,

I am also from Delhi where are you with procuring the materials?


I’ve got a hold of the macronutrients but the micronutrients I’m importing from the US. Hoping to get it this month to start testing it. Have you had any luck?


@harshbatra I am trying a different formula. Most of it is already available.


@troysk any luck with the recipe with the available ingredients yet?


its taken forever to get them but in another weeks time my ingredient list will be complete. They got stuck at customs.


did you use amazon to order all the items? how much did you order? I was actually thinking of trying out the hackerschool recipe because almost all the ingredients are easily available here.


How long will your ingredients last? Is it sustainable for you to keep ordering internationally with issues like customs, lost/delayed packages and expensive shipping costs?


It’ll last 1 month for 3 people. No, in the long run it is not sustainable. In the short term we want to make it work for ourselves even though it might be more expensive before we dig deeper for a better solution.


Yea used Amazon. I ordered 6 vitamins. You can download it from here:

What is the hackerschool recipe? Eventually the ingredients need to be sourced from here so if there is a solution i am all ears.


@harshbatra the link you shared is asking for permissions.

the hacker school recipe is


sorry about that. should work now


thats alright. I saw your invite. The links in the file dont seem to work though. Will check it again.

Also, you can check out the link i posted earlier.


link again.
or tell me ur email id and ill just email it to you.

I saw the link man. real good! I see people are innovating to make life simpler.

One way or the other is to get those nutrients in us as conveniently as possible. Do let me know when you try the hacker school recipe. Id be keen to know how it went.


@harshbatra I am actually going to be ordering the stuff by this weekend. I will try and make a small batch. The smallest I can get is probably for 10 days.

I checked out that most of this stuff is almost readily available off the shelf at different pharmacies and also online. Once I have some results I will post them up here.

By any chance, do you know what all blood tests should I get done before and after the experiment?


Where are you based?

Ive used Thyrocare ( to do tests in the past two years. You should be looking for the 70 parameters one. I got an SMS from these guys for deals they are running -> Raj 9716133329 or 9716723329. Try to get better rates than the site from them.

Do it before starting and after 1 month. See the numbers move, hopefully for the better. Let me know how it went.


I am based out of Delhi. I’ll see if I can get something similar here, but the list seems to be comprehensive. thanks for that. will keep you posted.


Where in Delhi? You should be able to get most of it in Defence Colony. There is a health store in the basement of Malik Brothers.