Info for BBB/other consumer Complaints


For anybody who’s so inclined, I was able to pull up this publicly available information for @melkins23 who expressed that he wanted to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but didn’t have an address for Rosa Labs. The thread this was originally posted in was locked, so here it is.


That is odd, I thought they were in the San Fransisco metro area.


I believe they moved to LA citing the high operating costs in San Francisco.


I’m not so inclined myself, but isn’t the BBB just a paper tiger? My understanding is they’re pretty useless overall, with no authority whatsoever, and any negative marks are removed for a fee.


From what I know through my work it’s pretty much like a credit card chargeback. The business has an opportunity to respond and the case is closed when the issue is resolved. However, if there are a large number of complaints, it can become a bit of a pain having to respond to each and every one.


As I read it:

“My Soylent isn’t shipping fast enough so I’m going to make a bunch of extra work for them.”

Good game.


Yeah, just a wee bit counterproductive, seeing as they have been forthcoming with refunds whenever asked.


Not aimed at anyone one person, just the general idea of it.

Its a stupid move, and for anyone who is a backer, its a move that has no base, because a backer is someone taking a risk on a start up company. The only way any of this would have any footing to it would be after July 29 when “real customers” start missing shipping projections.

Really this is like someone trying to swipe the legs out from under an infant trying to walk, because it isn’t learning how to walk fast enough. I guess people just don’t get it, but its pretty much the American way. All this crying and screaming is getting us no where, and any new customers coming to the forum to see if this is something for them, are going to see this crap and walk off.

Not only are you hurting the company now by being impatient and childish, you are hurting the future of the company, and making it less likely that this will be something that can sustain the start up aches all companies go through.

Rather than attacking them, ask for your money back and go away until they are running at a speed you are comfortable with. No one attacking them is doing any good, all this does is hurt us all, and they have yet to even miss on the dates for actual orders, they have not told anyone “no you can not have your money back”, and they have been as helpful as they can, all while selfish idiots try to sell competing products on their site.

Sorry this is just stupid.


The BBB is a non-profit membership organization. Since Rosa Labs doesn’t appear to be a dues-paying BBB member, you have to manually enter the Name, Address, City, State, and Postal Code if you wish to file a complaint.

Since Rosa Labs isn’t a BBB member, submitting a complaint serves no function since non-members have no reason to comply with the BBB complaint/arbitration system. The BBB is not affiliated with any governmental agency and has no real power.


@neebs57 It’s there for whoever wants it.

That said, I am disappointed that this is an option being discussed in the case of this product. I would personally just rather have the product than my money.

It’s an option, you are within your rights to use it, and I’m not sure why people like you and achemerys/spud continue to be condescending towards anybody who appears to be mildly dissatisfied by how a group of adults is running a company they backed.


Well, I wouldn’t say “selfish idiots”. They’ve been very supportive of other businesses. It’s not exactly like Tesla throwing all their patents open, but it’s not entirely unlike that, either–anyway, the DIYers and small businesses selling similar products are a welcome development IMGDO.


Sorry, probably went too far with that, but after being approached by one, and seeing what was really going on, the entire point of DIY was to help develop and learn about this type of diet, at least thats what I thought. Not someone’s idea to take and profit off of. The same people approached my friend wanting to “sell” his DIY.

As for BBB is useless, if it had any effect you think EA would be around or attempt to fix its issue?


Theyre more open than Tesla , they’ve released the entire ingredients list, the chemistry, and exhaustive breakdowns of the product with the intention of fostering a diy community. Tesla didn’t release their entire car, just the battery systems (awesome of them, but different scope than Soylent.)

BBB is a paper tiger indeed. Look at the cable companies A and A- ratings, despite the fact that there isn’t a damn one of them worth the time it would take to squat over the ledge of a skyscraper and drop a load of what’s coming to them (Comcast, this one’s for you.)

Any self-reporting mechanism is going to end up reflecting the opinions of a vocal minority, and cash speaks louder than words. Feel free to file a complaint on BBB - but also feel free to file good reports as well. It works both ways. At any rate, the worst case scenario is that you take time away from them dealing with finishing the rollout to deal with a stupid BBB pr fiasco. For no good reason.


Google fiber is worth it, jrowe. Lol


They did? Where can I find the amino acid breakdown of Soylent?


Personally I’m waiting to report anything until another week or so. I’m giving them as much benefit of the doubt as I can.

And it’s more of a last resort, since they refuse to share useful information that any other company would easily provide


Is there some reason to think that their Brown Rice Protein varies significantly from the standard amino acid breakdown for Brown Rice Protein?


Yeah. Some dude has a patent on this particular protein.

You can’t buy it anywhere but from one supplier. BIG mistake to bottle neck production channels with that one guy


Bigger mistake to have an inferior product.


Even bigger mistake if you can’t get that product to the people who want it. And when they want it