Information Aggregate (like a sticky?)


There’s now a ton of informaton and a ton of DIY soylent available, and it’s difficult to know what all of the options are. It would be nice if there was a website, or a stickied post with up to date (perhaps a month old at most) information about DIY soylent.

Who is selling? What are their ratings? How do they package it? Where is it able to be shipped?

What are the most popular recipies? What are the recipies catering to specific needs (allergies, etc.)?

Where are the forums? I know there’s at least this forum and there’s a subreddit, but are there clusters of more people?

What’s the latest health information? What are responses to and recipies from articles like Are we learning (through research and/or experimentation) that certain ingredients and approaches are healthier/tastier? What sellers are most up-to-date on this stuff? What sellers are focusing on selling the premium, healthiest ingredients? How can we verify that sellers are using the ingredients that they claim?

I’m not looking to have all of these questions answered in this thread, but instead looking to discuss ways to pull information like this all together. Would it be best to have a stickied, longer post? Would it be best to have a wiki? Should we create an forum?

Thanks everybody. Looking forward to responses.


Here you go:
Is this what you are looking for?


This is very close, thanks! I didn’t find this when I was googling around.

What it’s missing though is topics about health. I think a wiki might be the best approach to that.