Ingredient DB discrepencies, who should be notified?


Newbie here.

There seem to be a lot of discrepancies in the ingredient database.
E.g. - Many different entries called “Brown Sugar” with vastly different nutrient amounts. or “Bob’s Red Mill Organic Golden Flaxseeds”, one listing “carbs”: 28.88, and another with “carbs”: 1.58. Big difference!

Also, a lot of ingredients in recipes that don’t show up in the “ingredients” tab.

Is there a mechanism in place for “certifying” ingredient contents?

For those using the ingredients lists, double check the package labels on the ingredients you buy and be sure you’re getting the right amounts of everything.


Not at this time. It is a community effort, and everyone would be well advised to double check any ingredient they will be using. You may find some recipe authors that have obviously put a lot of effort into their own research, their data may be more reliable, but is always advisable to check it yourself.

Are the serving sizes the same? This could cause some of the discrepancies you are seeing.

Please don’t rely on the package labels alone, they are usually woefully incomplete. Much better data can be found from websites like the USDA website and Nutrition Data, which could also explain some discrepancies you’ve seen.

You can also find some good links and info in the notes section of some recipes. I recommend reading the notes on QuidNYC’s recipe, he has done some fair research. I also have a few links and notes on all of my recipes that will hopefully be helpful to someone.

Welcome to DIY.


Thanks for the welcome.

RE: carbs discrepancy, yes, same serving size, same calories (534), etc. They match right down the line except for carbs. Odd sort of error.

Thanks for those links.I’m still working on my own recipes, so I will check out those sources. There is definitely a lot to learn. I plan to ease into it, probably starting with a Soylent breakfast and conventional lunch and dinner, then phase out lunch in favor of Soylent. I may stick with a conventional dinner for a while, though, while I experiment with recipes. Or I may end up with some mutant hybrid of Soylent×Conventional for dinners. I do rather enjoy the idea of approaching nutrition as an engineering problem; something I’ve been fascinated with ever since reading about “CHON food” in the “Heechee Series” of SF novels… :smile: (When I was a kid my dream was to invent a well-balanced meal indistinguishable from a handful of Oreo Cookies and a glass of chocolate milk!)


Also, it’s worth checking out the default daily serving amounts, which can differ, and cause the nutrition data to appear wildly different. Definitely stick with non-Soylent dinners, unless you’re on the go. Food’s too good to do one thing all the time. :slight_smile: