Ingredient nutrient content


I’ve bought enough ingredients to try some of the soylent recipes available here in the DIY section and have been comparing the nutrient information on the packaging to those listed here, but am confused about where some of the numbers are coming from.

Comparing (and correcting) values for calories, protein, fat, carbs, etc. is fine, but some ingredients listed on this site include values for Omega fatty acids, Vitamins and so forth. This isn’t shown on most of the food labels from the products I bought, so how do I confirm the values? Take for example, which lists quite high values for Omega-3, Omega-6, Vitamins E and K, but I can’t find values for these on the bottle of peanut oil I bought from the supermarket.

Can anyone direct me to a reliable source for this?


Much of what you can find is on the USDA government website:

however, if you are adding ingredients, just last month @nickp downloaded the latest USDA database version to diy soylent. You can easily add the ingredient to your recipe from here:

And finally you may have to do it the old fashion way and contact the manufacturer. I had a few ingredients that were ‘incomplete’ on the typical label and not in the USDA database but an email to them got me a response a few days later with a complete breakdown.

and finally, finally, there are cases where the ingredients are not accurate. What !?! that’s not possible you say; true it seems to be more of an exception but I have read a few threads about that being the case (pre-cooked corn flour wasn’t reporting proper vitamin b’s if I recall).

When searching the databases, use the singular and plural of the words such as strawberry and strawberries to find what your looking for.