Ingredients by someone that has made the drink


Here is my spreadsheet that I have used to make a version of soylent.

It seems to work nutrition wise, but it doesn’t taste very good. If anyone has any input on improving the taste that would be much appreciated. I tried not adding the fish oil, that helped a small bit. My whey is unflavored, so I have been adding vanilla, this helps a fair amount. I might try adding cocoa powder instead of the vanilla at some point.

Edit: I don’t recommend softgels even though I have them on my list. They don’t dissolve over night, so you have no choice but to use a blender if you use them. And you don’t have as much control over dosage.

Edit 2: Here are some rough directions for my ingredients, I wouldn’t follow these without double checking each thing for the amount that you want. For any item that you don’t get exactly what I bought this won’t be of use. The small measurements of things like “drop” and “smidgen” are from the measuring spoon set in the amazon link and are a guide for weighing.


Uh huh! Now I see why purebulk is running out of stock so fast! By the way, I see your problem now. It’s that Kirkland’s Olive Oil shit! I am having the same taste problems with Kirkland’s Olive Oil, so maybe something is wrong with the quality.


I may share my spreadsheet as well at some point.


lol, yeah. I had to change the size and form that I got things in because they ran out of things as I was ordering them!


I had some Stevia sweetener around from when my step-dad was visiting. I used it to add a bit of sweetness to the mix, and it worked out very well. I have also used saccharin. I don’t mind my mix in the raw, but a touch of sweet really makes me look forward to it each time…


That is good to know, I got some dextrose to try making it sweeter. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like I should. Also from reading some other posts it sounds like olive oil may be the culprit of the bad taste. I definitely did not go high quality there with my 3L can from King Soopers.


my concoction tastes pretty awful too, I can taste the olive oil really distinctly, it’s extra virgin olive oil, ‘kalamata’ brand (not kirkland). I emailed Rob asking about whether there was a trick to making it not taste horrible but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet, I’ll paste any response here.


I do actually have some rough directions. But they are in OneNote and I am not sure of a good way to post them on here. If I can’t figure anything else out I will just copy them into a word document. I have put everything into the soylent, but I am leaving the fish oil out for the time being while I try to get it to taste halfway decent. There are things like the copper pills where you need exactly 1 a day. You could take it seperately if you wanted, but I think it is best to spread things out throughout the day as much as possible so that you don’t overload the systems that allow you to absorb the nutrient. I crushed all of the pills and pulled apart all of the capsules, they don’t dissolve quickly enough in the drink.

Also, as a side note: I don’t recommend softgels even though I have them on my list. They don’t dissolve over night, so you have no choice but to use a blender if you use them.


Thanks Alex,

Could you explain the difference between “Product Dose” and “Weight in Dose” you have listed?


I got two new types of olive oil to try for tomorrow(they were both 3x as much though!), and I am going to try a little with canola oil for the sake of comparison. I will let you know how it goes.


Certainly, I never really thought about other people looking at it when I was making it. Weight in dose is the number of grams of the nutrient that I want per day. Product dose is the number of grams of the product that I need in order to to get the necessary amount of the nutrient. For example, salt is 39.3% Sodium by weight, so if I want 2.4g Sodium then I need 2.4/.393=6g of salt.


I know you removed that post, but I added a link to some simple directions.


Awesome. How about a couple other questions?

Can I assume the “nutrients” tab has the amounts for one day of soylent? And, if so, what caloric value would it add up to?

What does “soylent amount” mean? What’s confusing me is that the soylent amount for carbs is 409g, yet the dose is 370.

Thanks yet again



Yep, theoretically it has every thing on it for one day. I actually don’t use those amounts for the carbs/protein/fat those are just guidelines. They would be about 2750C. I haven’t actually added the small amounts of calories up from other sources, such as from omega-3 and omega-6, so that is not included in that amount. I have updated it with the amounts that I have been using, which is for about 2500C.

The Soylent amount is the amount that Rob listed in his. I got that original 370 because I added the 30g of table sugar, and then rounded down to 370 instead of 379. I made up my own name for mine, that is why it is called the Soylent amount. Meal Extraordinaire, Tasty and Healthy. “Meth” for short :slight_smile: But it is not tasty at the moment, so right now it is just “Meh.”

Your welcome again :slight_smile:


I made the batch for tomorrow, without oil so I can test different ones. It still tastes awful. I guess I will have to make it one ingredient at a time until I can figure out what the problem is.


Did anyone try another oil? Perhaps Avocado, Macadamia or Coconut? Those have some argument going on on being as health as Olive Oil and they might taste better.

I tried coconut on some experimental soylents I did and the problem is that it has a very low fusion temperature, so it becomes buttery on cold drinks. Nevertheless the taste is good, is like coconut flavor soylent.


Here’s a link to my first concoction which tastes good - keep in mind I’m just using it to replace breakfast and lunch - still having a normal dinner.

But this one tastes great, really delicious.
P.S. I use a blender bottle to keep shaking it up (b/c the oil will otherwise separate out).


Switching to a flavored whey protein will probably make it taste a lot better, and using a crushed multivitamin in place of most of the individual compounds might help as well.


I tried using vanilla Now whey protein isolate, and it has a huge impact on the flavor! It is enjoyable now! I am going to keep experimenting with other things, but this has made it so that I can keep drinking it while I test things! Thanks for the suggestion! I also only used 1/3 of the salt and left out the fish oil.


If it is an oil problem, ground flaxseed and olive oil in combination work well for me at anywhere between 20-80%. (All flaxseed or all olive oil is not as good). I use Star extra virgin olive oil, which tastes good on its own. I do not use Kirkland, and olive oils vary greatly in taste.

For sweeteners, I use a combination of Brown Rice Syrup and Molasses, which I really like.

Also, some people have preferred to take a multi-vitamin, which removes a lot of ingredients and might improve the flavor.