Ingredients to start slowly with


There are several ingredients that people are using whose amounts may need to be titrated up over a week that could possibly make a transition to soylent more pleasant. I thought I’d group them here, and if anyone can think of others, maybe they can add them.

Fiber and probiotics - For some people both of these ingredients will cause excessive gas if you just jump into them. Depending on how poor your diet was before, and what kind of fiber you were ingesting vs. the amounts and kind of fiber in your soylent, it may be a good idea to start off slowly and increase as you go.

Potassium - Looking around this morning, I’ve seen several people mention potassium shock from going from being malnourished in potassium to getting the correct amount. I haven’t had time to do research on it yet, but it’s going on my personal list of things to start slow with.

Coconut oil - I don’t know what the mechanism is…it could be the fact that it’s an anti-bacterial and it might kill off candida (the science is super sketchy there) but seriously, coconut oil isn’t something you want to do large amounts of right off the bat. It can have a serious (and painful) laxative effect for some people. The first time I learned that the hard way, I thought for sure I’d gotten food poisoning, that my oil had gone bad - and didn’t learn until much later that coconut oil doesn’t GO bad. It can just seriously disrupt digestion at first. Starting out with a tblsp per day, and working your way up is probably advisable.


Thank you, didn’t know about coconut.


Wow thanks, will be trying coconut oil soon and would have added loads if you hadn’t warned me!


yep, I went through all of the above simultaneously. I didn’t back out though, and after 3-4 days my body stopped nagging. No more problems now.

25g coconut oil
24g potassium gluconate
4g probiotic and fiber mix plus fiber from the 180g of oats.


Crazy @sogviper is crazy.


I figured that there were people who had, but I’ve seen some others who…at the first sign of distress (because deep down, we’re all a little like…is this going to kill me?" start fussing with their recipe, switching their ingredients and getting frustrated. If it’s well known that THESE things can cause THESE issues in the beginning, but you have to A) wait it out, or B) start slower, then it can make it easier on people. Seriously, after that first time, I was prepared to never touch coconut oil again. I don’t even remember how much I took, but it was not pleasant and it’s really no good to then have that kind of association with an ingredient. For some people it can turn them off of it permanently. Which would be a shame, because coconut oil has so many benefits.