Initial costs of DIY


I am interested in starting the DIY Soylent and am curious to know what the initial cost has been for all the ingredients. I’m looking for a ballpark so I know what to budget for as I source ingredients.


since I’m getting everything from the European market - it was about $130-ish for me.
as far as I know, Rob’s recipe ingredients cost more or less the same amount.

that is excluding scales, containers, mortar and pestle, a blender (if you might need one) or any other tools.


at the moment its 4,8 euros for me for a month’s supply of every ingredient. It would be at least 30% more cheap if I went for larger amounts of ingredients.

So 144euro for a single, experimental month. About 30% of this total cost goes to shipping as I happen to live in greece.

One time costs for scoops, measures, blender, mortar&pestle, containers and milligram scale= about 80euros for me.


Are you consuming Soylet at every meal? If so, that’s very very cheap.


Four euros & 80 cents (4.80), or forty eight euros (48.00) per month?


Wow…for Ireland it’s significantly more expensive:
A 30 day trial of my stuff costs €270 initially -

(A bit over €5 per day, sustained)


its four euros and 80 cents per single day (4,80), multiplied by 30 (days) equals one hundred fourty four euros (144)

yes I’m lucky since olive oil is very popular and mainstream here, I have access to very cheap very high quality oil, and I think I might be able to get it for free in the near future (grandad has his own trees :slight_smile:

and yes this is the price for a complete - soylent only - month, no shortcuts no stealing or anything extreme, no bulk either, just a month’s supply. I just spent a bit more time on finding the cheapest possible way without sacrificing health.

The addition of oats caused a big drop of costs, about 3 euros less per day (before that it was 8euro per day). Here’s my sheet, although it’s highly personalized it must be a bit confusing to understand for anyone but me :stuck_out_tongue: <–this link is better, download to view correctly <-experimental link, first time sharing with google drive, I have no idea if it works


Just to make sure we haven’t missunderstood the OPs question:
He wants to know what he has to actually buy in the beginning, right?

(If he needs 90g of Monosodium phosphate for a month, but the smallest package available is 300g, he wants to know the cost for the 300g, if I understand it right)


Correct, I know it’s pretty cheap per day but some of the stuff I’m looking at is 20 or 30 bucks a pop. L-Glutamine for example, for 1000g is 40 on amazon. I’m sure I can get a smaller amount but if every ingredient is 40 bucks, I’m looking at a thousand dollars.

Like I said, I’m just getting started putting together a spreadsheet with sources and quantities to start out with while things are slow at work. Right now I’m looking to find out what others have spent in their initial investment.


Mine is about $225 to get started, and averages out to $180 per month in my case.


Be careful. I just took a quick look at your composition and I found that you wrote there is 21% of choline in the lecithine. While the article says 21% of phosphatidylcholine. Maybe you want to recalculate :wink:
Also, I noticed casein in your version of Soylent. Could you share your expirience of consuming it? Maybe in another thread?

In Ukraine most of the ingridients are as cheap as 3.75 dollars per day. Its much harder to find them though. Needed only 100$ to start and I have supplies for about 15 days.


you should be aware that some ingredient packs are indeed going to last more than a month. This is usual when it comes to vits and mineral supplements so yes the initial cost will be more than your soylent’s practical cost per month, but that should be fine as long as you are willing and determined to make it work for more than just ‘one month’s experience and thats it’. It’s best to look at it some kind of investment, pay more up front but less costs in the long run :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback Roman. I just digged into it and confirmed your observation:

"Choline is available as a dietary supplement as choline chloride or choline bitartrate and as lecithin, which usually contains approximately 25 percent phosphatidylcholine or 3 to 4 percent choline by weight."

so lecithin = ~3,5% choline by weight for anyone interested :slight_smile:


Actually, my updated spreadsheet says I’m at around $150 per month in the US, ordering 100% from


I’m quite new with the Soylent and as being from eastern Europe as well, I want to ask you, what source are you using for the ingredients to be able to reach that quite low price?

#15 - getting everything from them, except for oil and multivitamins (although it’s all available there). feel free to use my ref code MS70985 when ordering too, that should drop the first order price a bit (not trying to spam or anything, just a humble offer) ;]


Heh, thanks for that link!

I wouldn’t be ordering everything from there, but it definitely looks like I can save something with that site, at the very least on Psyllium husks.


yeah. I was happy to find them as the prices for everything in there were considerably lower than on amazon or elsewhere I could find, without seemingly harming quality. stopped searching for now as I’m quite happy with their service. but I will definitely do more research on this later.


Ačiū už linką. It looks like that the prices are considerably lower than And are you buying your multivitamins somewhere locally?


yeah, I get multivitamins and minerals from local pharmacies - one’s designated for men usually have the best ingredients, and their contents are usually quite close to the RDAs. I’m quite sure I would be able to find cheaper multivitamins online though.


Once I order again I will definitely get my Whey, my MSM, my Psyllium husks and my Choline Bitartrate from there.
This will save me €2 per day compared to current…I’m definitely up for that! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, thanks again, for that link :slight_smile: