Inositol Safety - Cognitive Impairment?


Hey gang,
Just curious what the discourse thinks of the safety of very small amounts of inositol like 100mg per day without taking any choline? I have read several reports of short term memory “damage” when taken in large doses for several weeks (like 18g doses in one day).

I really want to use inositol but these few anecdotal reports scare me away. There have been some reports of brain fog and cognitive problems as well. One Longecity user claimed that he doesn’t touch inositol anymore because he believes it made his memory permanently terrible. Just wanted to get some opinions before I use it in my stack.

There are a few more cases spread across the internets that detail some negative side effects, and I know the literature seems to indicate inositol is safe, but then there’s also some studies linked in the below longecity threads that show that individuals with cognitive impairment have higher levels of myo-inositol in their brains. Thoughts?