Input and help on my DIY Soylent please?


So this is the current recipe I’m using, I’ll post it below. I don’t know much so any input and help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance! I’ve based it off the popular “Bachelorette Chow”. I use this mix as a substatue for my three meals and left myself some wiggle room to have a snack during the day. I never get any food craving so I’ll take that as a good sign. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now with no negative side effects. And the texure doesn’t bother me much.


Just a quick drive by, when I get some time I’ll look closer.

O6/O3, I know that the Masa should have a little, but it’s not showing in your ingredient break down. Check all of your ingredients against something like the USDA database, product labels are unreliable and should always be verified. That should change your numbers on a few things, once it’s done you can start adjusting or removing ingredients.

Also, your sulfur is much higher than your showing, you should be fine to drop the MSM. The protein has a fair amount that should be accounted for by calculating the content from cysteine and methionine. See the discussion here. sometimes the product label will give you the amount of amino acids, otherwise it should be a quick Google search.


I agree with kennufs – the MSM supplement is completely unnecessary.

The biggest issue I see here is that you’re missing omega-3 essential fatty acids. The recipe you started with probably got it from soybean / canola oil, but I wouldn’t suggest that is the best source for them anyway. You might consider using chia seeds or flaxseed meal. You might also want to include a DHA/EPA (fish oil) supplement, particularly if you are of reproductive age and potential.