Input Wrong Email


Hello, I accidently entered me email address incorrectly when placing my order. I have not been able to find a customer support contact in order to notify Soylent of the mistake. Does anyone know how to rectify this?


Try which is the contact given at the bottom of the campaign page.


Or try summoning @JulioMiles.


In the name of whey protein isolate, I do command your presence…
I think I’m saying this to everyone from now on.


I would message Julio Miles but this message board interface is so different from anyone that I have used before. I can’t figure out how to send someone a PM!


Click on the name (@juliomiles), and on the left hand side should be a ‘Message’ button and that should do it.

Keep in mind that a person is notified when they are explicitly mentioned with @. Exhibit a: @achiles625. He may already be lurking among us now… thunderclap