Inquiry Into Ingredient Intricacies


I figured I would attempt to introduce this thread to track the intricacies of the evolving ingredients list for those who want to personalize their own recipe, or for those that already do who want to share their specific reasoning for certain adjustments and sources of information.

E.g. I’m not quite sure how to balance the protein vs. fat vs. micronutrients vs. nootropics depending on my goals for the week since I don’t know the calories per gram for each ingredient. I assume the essentials and nootropics would be static, but with something that could damage my health I’d rather not assume. If they are static, how many calories do they account for?

I do not yet have anything specific to contribute, but will be doing as much research as it takes to start finding my Soylent formula (personalized). I will post anything definitive that I find here and would welcome any contributions (looks at Rob). I expect it will be a month or more of fact finding before I take my first sip.

~Be healthy and live well~

Edit: Try to keep specific vendors out of this topic. The goal for this topic is specifically for education and knowledge-sharing about the ingredients themselves: how they interact; which type has the highest bio-availability; if I get a lower bio-availability does that mean I increase the amount; if so, by how much; if not, what are the reasons; etc… Vendor discussion should be a separate topic and requires its own lengthy investigation on reliability/availability/quality to make an informed purchase.


I’m having trouble finding where the option is to create a new linked topic, but it seems like the best way to keep this topic organized is to create sub-topics for the specific ingredient you have information or questions about; I’m sure sub-topics will be created for each ingredient pretty quickly so try to look for one before creating one.

If you have questions or information about protein compositions/sources, find the protein sub-topic and read/post there. This “parent” topic will be primarily for generalized information, information that relates to ingredient ratios, or anything really that cannot be split into posts for specific ingredients.

E.g. If you have information that pertains to a few ingredients, please post the general information here; then post on each ingredient’s sub-topic with a link to your original post (don’t re-post the entire post, it’s a waste of database space).

It may seem like a lot of work, but this kind of experimentation MAY have life-changing repercussions. If a user is looking for information about a specific ingredient, they are likely to go straight to the ingredient’s sub-topic; it’s efficient to do so. If your information can help reduce harm by increasing their understanding, then an extra 5 minutes of posting is worth sharing the hours/days of research you did and possibly saving hundreds/thousands of people from making mistakes that cost sick days at work or getting fired if they happen to have a sick day at the wrong time.

—Do not take this lightly.—

I can’t emphasize enough: Yes, Soylent, when made properly is safe, and significantly healthier than the food most people in the world eat (including me right now); but, when it is improperly mixed/applied, it can result in a visit to the hospital, or worse.

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A very nice site I’ve stumbled upon is

You can look up a wide variety of substances along with research papers on their effects. Most of the supplements have a nice table showing the various results of the studies (eg effect on memory, triglycerides and what-not) along with the confidence of the studies (with repeated double-blind clinical trials being the ideal).


OK - I’ll join in and I’d like to tweak a recipe with people’s inputs :smile:

My weekday nutrition plan:

  • Vitamins in morning
    • One Source Mens (2 capsules) link
    • Potassium Gluconate 595mg
    • Calcium Carbonate with Vitamin D (1.2g)
    • Magnesium with chelated Zinc (400mg)
    • Baby aspirin (1 pill)
  • 16 oz of coffee in the morning with cream
  • 2 liters of water by lunch
  • Soylent shake recipe
    • Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder (1 scoop) link
    • Grapeseed Oil (1 tbsp)
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 tbsp)
    • Equate Fiber Powder (1 tbsp)
    • Organic Raw Blue Agave Nectar (1 tbsp)
    • Salt (pinch)
  • 2 liters of water by dinner
  • Dinner with family (generally my wife has a some form of meat and salad - low carbs)
  • Several beers or a bottle of wine


“I can’t emphasize enough: Yes, Soylent, when made properly is safe, and significantly healthier than the food most people in the world eat (including me right now); but, when it is improperly mixed/applied, it can result in a visit to the hospital, or worse.”

this is why i haven’t started on my own yet, i’ve been waiting to hear from rob about proper mixing etc


Rob would have to decide, but maybe a separate category for ingredients would be appropriate.


In response to @Mick, I’m not sure how the site is going to be moderated yet, but my intent for this topic was a discussion of the raw ingredients, not mixtures of off-the-shelf products. In my opinion, there are too many unknowns in off-the-shelf products to use accurately.

Sharkerty, I agree. That would probably be a bit easier to manage/keep up with.

Ignore the below. I misunderstood the statement from sharkerty.

In response to sharkerty (site bug: visitors can only include 2 links. it includes user references apparently) Rob has already listed the relative ingredients on a blog post here: What’s in Soylent. This being the case, I figure he doesn’t mind others collaborating by expounding on the details through their own research. Worst-case scenario, Rob doesn’t learn anything new. Best-case scenario, Rob does learn something new and everyone benefits from a healthier Soylent mixture whenever Rob is able to get it to the manufacturing phase.

Edit: Adjusted for misunderstanding.


My Mind = Blown. I clearly had no idea how many people have already been tinkering with this.

Thank you @alexkirkp for posting your spreadsheet:

I’ll definitely be making use of it as a starting point. Hopefully I can start balancing my nutrition properly once I get this sorted.


It is pretty amazing how many people are here.

Sure! I hope it is helpful! Let me know if you have any questions about what I did.

This site will hopefully become useful for details about each nutrient, but there isn’t a whole lot on it yet.