Insect based protein


There was some buzz recently about the UN promoting insects as a sustainable source of good nutrition, in particular protein, unsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals. Would you eat mealworms or crickets as part of your diet? Would you be alright drinking a variant of Soylent that contained insect protein?

Has anyone thought of using cricket or mealworm flour?

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I see what you did there. :smiley:


As a vegetarian, I feel really conflicted on this. On one hand, insects are just barely more conscious than, say, a blueberry. They’re incredibly environmentally-friendly, a great source of nutrition, and very cheap. They could replace a lot of meat, like, say pork, which comes from a fairly intelligent animal, is an environmental disaster, and is costly.

On the other hand, I just can’t bring myself to eat insects.


Yes. No problem doing this at all. Ex vegetarian who eats meat for health reasons (don’t want to open that up as debate however, its not worth the hassle ;)), From an emotional perspective if I can get over being squeamish about eating pigs (which are intelligent and generally v cool animals) I can’t (and wouldn’t) have any issues eating insects. The squeamishness many people probably feel when confronted with eating insects would probably vanish if they had to actually kill the pigs themselves before they ate them.

The environmental aspects alone make it a sensible choice. Have tests been done on the quality of the protein you can get from insects? (e.g. PDCAAS)

Also no doubt super dangerous insect species (giant killer bees) would be used, so it would be fun when they escaped :wink:


Hell yeah. I’d eat healthful insects whole if they were baked or fried. Insect powder would be great, so long as it’s a good protein source. It’s cheap and environmentally friendly.

Bugs are a big part of our ancestral diets. I’m sure there are some very healthful ones that make good protein sources.

There are probably also nasty ones that will kill you if you eat too many. “Insect” is a very broad term.


Yes certainly. It would be a liquid shake in any case so I wouldn’t feel that it’s insects what I’m eating. I picture myself offering a sip to people and telling them afterwards what they just drank :).


I recommend a catcher’s mask and some distance first. :tongue: If it tasted ok and didn’t chirp or crawl around or something, I wouldn’t mind insect protein. I don’t want to have to kill my own, of course, and in Florida, free-range is right out.


I think I would, if it turns out to be a good source of fat and protein. Has anyone tried to contact the seller?


Honest gut reaction = EW GROSS!! (Hey, I’m a girl lol.) But I guess if it was specified what species, growth conditions, etc. the protien came from and why it is a good alternative my mind might, and i mean MIGHT be able to wrap itself around the possibility of consuming powdered bug. Intellectually understanding something and overcoming the “I’m putting WHAT down my gullet” instinctual reaction are two different things.

That’s my honest reaction… :blush:

Sidenote: mealworms seem slightly less gross than flying, hopping or pokey pointy leg bearing things…


Strange, I figured meal worms would have more of a negative connotation. Or at least in my mind they would.

I am all for eating bugs if they are a good source of protein. So far I have not seen any AA profiles or nutritional information on them though. But I have not really looked either.


Bugs would have to be really well disguised for me, I have no trouble eating eggs from chickens fed mealworms…it’s all a matter of culture and upbringing and habituation.


I would not. but not because i find it disgusting. if its in the right form (ie. nuggets), no one will care what its made of. they probably have better taste and more nutritional value than ie. any of those nuggets made of trash meat from the supermarket and fast-food restaurants). I just don’t see the need for eating any kind of animal, because we can get all our nutrients more efficient from plant based sources.


I remember seeing a TED talk, I beleieve, about creating a market for insect protein. It involved creating bento box/sushi style rolls/nuggets of processed insects to reduce the ick factor. Once people are more accustomed to eating insects they may try adding whole insects to stir fries and the like. I’m really not sure if it will take off. Probably not.


Powdered as a part of the protein predator or plant eating exo-insects yes. No worms slugs larva…their just nasty.


I’ll take off before it does. :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t want to eat whole animals. If it’s got legs or wings or something in my food, I’m liable to pelt the chef with it out of reflex.

Not limited to bugs; if I found a beak in a chicken sandwich, I’d be upset, and something like balut… (Trust me, if you don’t already know, you do NOT want to look that up.)


Balut is actually pretty good. It took a bit, but when ever I am in the Philippines I normally have some on a bus ride or jeepney.


Real men eat Casu Marzu. -

Because the larvae in the cheese can launch themselves for distances
up to 15 centimetres (6 in) when disturbed,[1][8] diners hold their
hands above the sandwich to prevent the maggots from leaping


For once I am glad that I am allergic to penicillin :wink: