Instructions With Every Shipment

I wonder if there would be a way to elect not to receive the Soylent instructions with every shipment? I can always look online for new release notes and instructions for newer versions. I know it’s not a big deal, but I like to try to cut down on waste.

(Side note: My dental floss also comes with tiny paper instructions, and every time I open a new package I think, “I’m pretty sure I know how to floss by now.”)


Despite the inclusion of instructions I am always surprised at the number of questions that pop up here that are answered in the booklet.


Look, if I don’t have time to cook, I certainly don’t have time to read. :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be a nice option to have but it seems like a small detail in comparison to actually being able to ship the product without people waiting for months. But after they get their act together enough to ship on time, it would be nice to be able to go onto your account and select either instructions every time, instructions only when you’re receiving a new version for the first time, or no instructions at all. Maybe such a suggestion in the thread that asks for suggestions for v1.4 would be good.

On my instructions I don’t see that it says they’re recyclable but I assume they are, although maybe you have to remove the staples first.


Oh yeah. By no means would I want this small request to take time from the much more important task of Soylent supply meeting Soylent demand! It just occurred to me as I unpacked my latest box and recycled (sorry, Penn and Teller) the instructions again. One idea would be to ship the instructions with the starter kit along with a note on where to check for the latest up-to-date instructions.

I had the same thought… why am I getting all these dang instruction pamphlets?? I just throw them away. Would be nice if somehow reorders were boxed without them unless there was a version change since your last order. It’s more logistics to deal with of course though so, for the time being… probably too costly to deal with. Easier to just do them all the same.

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All FMCG products can just have small 2x2 inches paper with QR code that leads to PDF or site’s “/downloads” section with instructions, videos, testimonials.
Some basic cartoon-style pictures in black and white could be printed on side of the pack.


Definitely. I think a little piece of paper directing you to more information is a good idea. Although, I can appreciate Rosa Labs’ reason for having the nice instructions. I remember when I got my first shipment and read Rob’s note at the beginning of the release notes (“The powder you now behold is more than meets the eye. This mix of mass, energy, and information is the staple food of the future…”), it was all very exciting and made the product feel more special.

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It can be definitely included once with starter kit box :wink:

For all reorder, piece of paper can have on one side this QR code:

and on other this link:
(for those of us without smartphone)

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Yes, I appreciate the URL on the paper because (not to brag or anything but) I don’t have a smart phone.

Some day I have to figure out how to teach my smartphone how to scan QR codes. Not now though.


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The smart move would be for them to print the instructions on the side of the cardboard container they put the oil bottles in.

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All right! My latest Soylent 1.5 shipment came with a simple single page card of instructions with a link to the full instructions at the bottom.