Interaction of, for instance, Iron + Calcium - official response?


Hi all,

I’ve seen some discussion on this but no official response from the Soylent team. I’m been talking to everyone I know about this stuff and have had many folks express many different concerns. To date, the one compelling argument I’ve encountered is that when taking some vitamins/minerals/etc together (for instance, Iron and Calcium), the absorption, or bioavailability of some of these may decrease or almost disappear.

So, when taking Iron and Calcium together, the body has a more difficult time absorbing the Iron due to an interaction with the Calcium. From what I understand there are many such interactions.

My question is: has this been addressed by the Soylent team? Is the simple fix to just add enough more iron to make up for the decreased absorption?

Would love an official response to this! My apologies if it has been addressed, but I wasn’t able to find anything on the discussion board.



I haven’t seen anything about Ca:Fe yet, but a bunch of us tried to gather everything we’ve been able to find about competing nutrients into this thread. It’s slowed down lately, but the goal is to find the best ratios of nutrients which are known to interact while staying between recommended lower and upper limits for everything.

I haven’t seen any official reply from the soylent guys about it.




I think the Soylent team are concentrating on posterior results, rather than predictive chemistry - it borders on the impossible to calculate the interactions in advance, so adjusting the amounts and testing the results after digestion is the only practical way to analyze something like this. Given the results from the testers, I wouldn’t be concerned - their blood tests have been stellar. The official ingredient list and breakdown should be coming out in the next several days, so you’ll be able to analyze the amounts in detail.