Interesting alternative to butter

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  • Limited edition grass-fed ghee
  • Great for cooking at high temperatures
  • Alternative to butter for Bulletproof Coffee
  • Lactose and casein-free source of short-chain fats
  • Refrigeration not necessary, perfect for travel

The last two points do it for me.


Aren’t most butters lactose-free? (Pardon my lactose ignorance.)


If you are intrested in short-chain fatty acids.
Google: “resistant starch” (found in patoto starch), bacteria produce short chain fatty acids from resistant starch


for baking and stuff my choice is avocados.


Butters made from milk would contain lactose, but there are butters that aren’t made from milk that shouldn’t contain lactose at all. If I recall my biology correctly, only mammals make lactose.


Ghee is made from butter, so can it really be called a butter substitute? That would be like calling cream a milk substitute, wouldn’t it?

But honestly, yeah, ghee is cool. One thing though- it is all oil, with no water like butter, and melts/hardens at different temperatures so it will not cook the same.


Clarified butter is the butter of choice in the restaurant industry. I worked in the industry for a decade and we used it exclusively on the grill and to put on toast or bread for toasting.


Can you give us any other brands? This is a very premium price.


You can clarify butter yourself at home. Thats how we did it. Put it in a warm oven until the butter melts. Then wait for the water to separate to the top and skim it or pour the water out.


Lots of other brand options here.


Some kinds of ghee are made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and they have trans fat. They are marketed as ghee but they are not ghee in the traditional sense. They might have pictures of cows on them, but it cant be said for sure they are made from cow milk, the milk from which traditional ghee is made. So be careful about which brand you choose. Ideally the more expensive the better, because the more cheaper ghee is the more likely it is made from vegetable oil.