Interesting energy observation

Thought I’d share this… anyone else noticed the phenomenon of the body being tired but the mind being completely NOT?

does it feel like “muscle weakeness”? or just “meh, feels slower moving my body” :stuck_out_tongue: take a nap for sure is the first advice like you said yourself… otherwise coffee might work?

Yeah doesn’t feel like muscles at all. Just not quite enough sleep for multiple days in a row. But I’m not taking a nap because my mind is so perfectly awake and humming along… I don’t think I could sleep if I tried. Will just power on through and see about getting to bed at an earlier time tonight. :slight_smile:

I get this feeling a lot at night, especially if I’ve had a lot of caffeine/energy drinks that day. It’s more that my eyes feel tired/dry but my mind isn’t ready to actually turn off and go to bed.

Well I got to bed at a slightly better hour last night, up like a shot as usual at 6am sharp. Slept pretty good, will see how I do today. Feeling great at the moment but that’s my normal state these days! LOL

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Just started on soylant, replacing a few meals per day. I also experienced this. It is a very strange sensation. I notice my eyes and body feel tired but my mind is fine and I feel compelled to keep working.
My whole life I did not consume enough calories in a day, and when I did eat I had waited too long… I would eat too much and crash. Sipping on soylant in the morning and afternoon keeps the my body and mind running at a nice slow and steady pace while getting appropriate calories.
This is something I have never successfully done before in my life. And I’m thinking that maybe we have it flipped.

Maybe we have it flipped and this wierd feeling we are experiencing is actually normal because our brains have a steady stream of balanced nutrition to consume. It’s is a very strange sensation for sure, but also exciting for me.