Interesting texture after cooling


So I just got my first batch of v1.1 (and also my first batch of soylent, period)

Followed everyone’s advice, mixed it up with the water, added a smidgen of xanthan gum (<1/4 tsp). I had tried a little bit (like 1/2 cup) earlier, because I was too impatient to actually wait a night, but i put the rest in the fridge. when I opened it up in the morning, this is what I saw.

any idea what that’s from? you should also know that I used green tea instead of water, any chance that made the weirdness happen? when I stirred it, it went back to normal soylent texture.


It looks like the mixing generated some foam, and with the combination of refrigeration and additional xanthan gum, the top layer of the Soylent simply kept the same shape after the foam bubbles collapsed. By stirring it you broke down the weak gel that had formed.

I can’t imagine it would be harmful at all.