Interesting though unsurprising change in my nutrition balance


I just thought this was kinda funny, though not at all surprising. I’ve started tracking my Soylent consumption in MyFitnessPal, my preferred nutrition tracker. So I looked at the breakdown today and of course, it’s damn near perfect compared to the suggested amounts in the app of protein, carbs, and fat. So I compared it to an average day from last fall, and the differences pretty much speak for themselves.

So here’s an average week from last fall:

and here’s the last few days since starting (but not exclusively consuming) Soylent:

Of course the old image doesn’t take into account any supplements I was taking at the time, and currently I’m not taking any supplements at all, so this isn’t a perfect apples-to-apples comparison. Still I rather like seeing a better-balanced pie chart, without it having required life changes I’m unwilling to make.


I’ll be really interested to see the total number of calories you are consuming now as opposed to before and how (if at all) it effects your weight. There’s been a lot of talk about Soylent being “more efficient” calories and therefore needing less to maintain weight.

For me personally, I want to make sure I’m maintaining my weight (or even gaining muscle), so I’m already planning on adding a couple scoops of whey protein to my Soylent eventually.


Well so far, I don’t see any difficulty at all in staying at or below my target calorie intake, which right now is 1350/day (based on my desired weight loss target of 10 more pounds. I’ve already lost about 30 in the last year). I’m pretty much consuming two quantities of Soylent. 12oz glasses are my “meals” and when I need a “snack” I have a 6oz glass. At about 30 calories per ounce, that means my 12oz glasses are around 360 calories, and my 6oz are about 180. So 3 “meals” a day plus 1 “snack” and I’m at 1260. Even if I add a second snack, I’m only slightly over at about 1440. Add a simple 2-3 mile walk (as I did today) and that extra snack is easily absorbed.

I don’t feel in any way unsatisfied or “hungry” though I’m definitely aware of cravings to munch on stuff, probably more due to it being a part of my routine for so long than anything. I need to chew more gum. :smile:


Very interesting and crazy that you’re on a 1260 or even 1350 calorie/day diet. I’ve been doing about 2,500/day and weight 170 lbs. at 6’1" and finding it hard to gain weight not to mention it’s an insane pain in the ass to try to eat that much a day without eating very poorly (one of the big reasons I’m looking forward to Soylent).

Thanks for the response and keep the updates coming. Love living vicariously through you as I await my shipment (hopefully this coming week!).


Yeah calories are really weird things IMO. I see other people (like yourself!) who don’t sound at all overweight to me, talking about eating 2k to 3k calories a day and that sounds absolutely insane to me, I just can’t fathom it. On 1350 per day, I find it a mild challenge (though less so now with Soylent) to stay under.

When I started my weight loss goal of 2lbs a week (which I felt was aggressive but figured I’d shoot for it at least) about a year ago, my calories were set at something like 1800/day. That was an absolute breeze to stay under once I actually tracked & paid attention. Pretty much didn’t have to do anything except cut out extra glasses of milk, and switch from normal peanut butter to dehydrated PB2. Oh and resisting some of my urges for sweets. Presto, instant weight loss without barely trying. Now that I’ve lost about 30 lbs, the target shown in my fitness app has of course fallen as well.

I’m about 5’9, 170lbs, and generally in OK shape. Pushing 200 was definitely bad and noticeable. At 6’1" you must be seriously thin! I would imagine with Soylent you’ll be able to consume pretty much as many calories as you want, though I’d urge you to be careful at first. It is so easy to consume a lot very quickly, that you could give yourself quite a stomach ache if you aren’t careful. The first few times my gal had her Soylent, she threw it back like it was a glass of water. I had to remind her - this is food, not just a refreshment! Drink it as quickly as you might eat a meal of the same calories. Keeping that in mind seems to work nicely and is very satisfying.

Glad you enjoy the updates. Still feels so weird to me to be openly discussing my dietary habits - something I’ve kept very much to myself for decades due to the flak I would always catch from people about it. But it’s been nice to finally know for an absolute fact that I’m not alone in some of my opinions on food/cooking etc. In fact, that was what had me hook, line, and sinker with Soylent. The first link I ever read about it, quoted Rob’s reasons for wanting to do away with the requirements of food. I’ve held those opinions as long as I can remember and this was the absolute first time I’d ever seen anyone express them so concisely. I didn’t have to do any more research whatsoever, I placed my 1 month order on the spot! =)

On that note… it’s time to go drink some dinner!


Henh… Being 6’ and very active (crew) I top 3000 calories somedays, and weigh 150 lbs. Calories are indeed weird things my friend


First, congrats on your weight loss. Shedding 30lbs. is no small feat. Nice work on making this commitment to your body and health. That’s awesome!

At 6’1" I’m thing, but not grotesquely so. In college I ran cross country (ran an average of 120 miles/week) and was eating upward of 5,000 calories per day. I weighed 157lbs. In fact you got me a bit worried, so I looked up normal weight for adult men and found this:

Looks like I’m right in the middle of the weight range for a 6’1" male. Little detour there, but I’ve always been a bit self conscious about being too skinny :smile:

Anyway, you made an awesome point about drinking Soylent. I’m almost 100% sure that I would have drank the whole thing in a minute or less. I drink a couple glasses of water with a scoop of whey protein each day (usually one when I wake up and one after my workout), and I put it down in 30-60 seconds. Mentally, I’m sure I would have looked at the Soylent the same way I look at my whey and put it down quick! So thanks for brining that point up, I’ll be sure to sip it over 20 minutes or so.

That’s also cool the Soylent culture has opened things up for you and helped you find like-minded folks. I’ve never been aware really against food. I enjoy cooking, grilling, etc. but I don’t enjoy having to do it. Basically, I’d like to make a nice meal maybe once a week and enjoy the process. I’ve found I’ve fallen out of love with the process and it has become a chore.

I also think about the amount of time I spend cleaning up afterward, shopping for groceries, and thinking about what I’m going to eat. I could be saving a ton of time. Grrrr, can’t wait for mine to arrive!