International backers refund


Hi @Soylent! I made international order long time ago and now I recieved email:

“All other international backers will be automatically refunded the first week of November 2015 (once we have captured and processed all Canada opt-ins).”

Will you refund me next year or is there typo? Hope it is just typo.


Hi @dmartin – that is a typo. If your refund still needs to be processed please PM your order details and we’ll take care of that ASAP. Thanks!


Hey @Soylent I sent you PM 5 days ago, but I did not recieve any response. Did you get it?


Hej @dmartin I got the same message about international backer refund coming in November 2015, and after seeing your post I’ve also PMed @Soylent saying that similarly as you, I got same email. @Soylent responded within a day thanking for a follow-up, so maybe they confused us, or did not actually read the email I’ve written. Best luck getting it resolved quickly.


Okay, they just responded to my PM. Refund will be with me within 2-4 weeks (it is all managed by Crowdhoster). It is no big deal that it did not work out on first run (shipping abroad). I would only welcome slightly more information about what is happening during process. Hope gas problem will get resolved untill they will be able to ship to abroad :slight_smile:


@dmartin and @mszew – thanks for hanging in there, guys! We’ll definitely be announcing international shipping the moment we make it happen. We definitely appreciate your understanding and engagement.