International Delivery - Why lowest priority?


I’m wondering why international shipping is lowest priority? I have ordered a months supply of Soylent and paid extra for international delivery to the UK. Why am I a lower priority customer than someone in the States? Surely you just stick a delivery sticker on the box and give it to the shipping company, I don’t understand how it’s any more complicated than a domestic customer.



For an individual, sure. Bulk transactions are more complicated. If they had just 1 int’l customer, it’d be simple to put you first. Unfortunately, when sending bulk orders over international borders, you also have a different degree of scrutiny and legal hurdles.

Logistically speaking, you add those difficulties to the fact that there are tens of thousands of destinations, dozens of countries and districts with varying shipping laws and methods, etc. There is a rational basis for the delay.


So wait, are you implying that they shipping bulk soylent across the border, then getting someone on the other side to split it up into individual portions and ship it out on that side? Doesn’t that just needlessly complicate the shipping process? Wouldn’t it be easier to just do what other companies do and let the customer pay duty and shipping on the individual order?


Not implying that at all. I’m saying that they’ve probably separated domestic and international shipping for legal and logistical reasons.


Did Soylent get an official EFSA Approval (European Food Safety Agency)? Otherwise it’s not so important how to ship, if you aren’t allowed to sell at all.

I agree to maxwe789, as long as you don’t try to save money, you can simply use one of the so called integrators for fulfillment. FedEX, UPS, DHL … that works for initial amounts of Soylent only is it expensive.