International Orders Update


So turns out 3 weeks ago, international backers with outstanding orders received an email with new information on international shipping. This wasn’t in a blog update, posted on the forums or sent to those on the mailing list.

Revised dates:
Canada - March 2015
Europe - End of 2015

Last update for international shipping before this predicted end of 2014 for international shipping, I’d like to know why that’s now been pushed back an entire year and why this new information wasn’t posted on the blog. @JulioMiles @rob @Soylent


Try tagging @soylent for a possible response.


I would really really like to know as well. Seems sneaky to not post it in the actual blog.

I just started Soylent recently (Canada; got my order last week after ordering in Aug 2013; reshipper) and would like to subscribe but don’t want the hassle + extra cost of a reshipper…


welp… that makes me sad.