International Pre-Order Confusion


I placed a pre-order for international Soylent back when it was briefly available last year. On the 17th April my account was charged for the extras I ordered from backerkit, and then on the 23rd it was refunded again (minus 63p due to exchange rate fluctuation :stuck_out_tongue:). My backerkit page has no information on why this happened and just says:

Your order is being processed!

You can expect your rewards to be shipped soon. Your credit card will be billed soon for $N

I had held some optimism that international pre-orders were included when talking about “pre-orders”, but I guess all international orders are going to shipping late 2014?


Oops, just spotted which says they did not intend to charge international backers yet.


Interesting. I placed an order to a UK address in March for 1 week, which I was billed for pretty much straight away. I later emailed Backerkit to ask about upgrading to 1 month, and they did that, and took the money on the 16th April. As of the 21st April, I haven’t had a refund, so I don’t actually know if they’re shipping that internationally to me or whether I have a refund since then (for some reason, my online credit card statement stops at the 21st).


Hmm, Backerkit should have refunded all international backers who were inadvertently charged – I just refunded you manually. Sorry about that!


Me? Oh, thanks! Hope I haven’t been refunded twice. That would be awkward…


That wouldn’t be possible – for whatever reason your charge definitely wasn’t refunded until today :smile: