International shipping now available


I just wanted to tell you that I was just allowed to make a 14 day subscription to Norway. And there was a several countries available to select shipping to.

Order info:
Thank you for subscribing!
Your subscription is now active and will be automatically renewed on June 11, 2014.

So may be it will be shipped pronto?

Got the confirmation mail with the following:
You have been charged for your first delivery of Soylent, but your subscription will not begin until your first order ships.

Starting on that date, you will receive 14 bags of Soylent, shipped every month.


its probably an error that they need to fix, but good luck to you


Yeeaahh… I like being optimistic :wink:


I think the ordering page detects where you are located and fills that country into the Billing Address section.

I tried from Hong Kong and it lists Hong Kong as billing and shipping.

Wishful thinking though. :smile:


So, you won’t be charged until it ships. Which could be next week, or October, or 2015. I’m not sure there’s any error here.


My point with this post is more that international ordering is finally available :slight_smile:


I believe it’s always been available as there have been international pre-orders, but it had definitely been stated they won’t ship till late this year, or early next year. Now, maybe the new website didn’t allow it until now as it is still a bit of a work in progress.


I read the confirmation differently, you get billed for your first shipment upon order, and then you get billed the next time when the 2nd shipment is sent.


You’ll be very lucky to have your Soylent at this time next year…:wink: