Intolerance to lactose, excess fructose

Fellow cult members,

For years I’ve had a problem with gas and diarrhea. Eventually I figured out that I’m lactose intolerant, ie. the sugar in milk passes undigested into my lower intestine where the bacteria eat it up and leave me with gas and fluid. That’s no surprise, most of the human race is lactose intolerant.

But avoiding lactose didn’t solve my problem so it seemed there must be something else. I noticed that when I was home and ate a healthy diet I had problems, but when I travelled and ate in fast food joints staffed by minimum-wage workers my problems went away. Hello? That’s totally backwards. You can’t read any media without being bombarded with messages about the importance of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Eventually I figured out that there is such a thing as excess fructose intolerance. If you eat fructose in excess of glucose it goes through a different metabolic pathway, GLUT5, and mine is apparently broken, so the excess fructose also passes into my lower intestine where the bugs have fun with it. This is a lot less common than lactose intolerance.

Getting excess fructose out of your diet is less straightforward than not drinking milk. Most fruits and a lot of vegetables produce excess fructose. Nutrition labels list total sugar but not which kinds of sugar. So the basic strategy is to find a diet that eliminates the problems, then introduce foods one by to see how they affect you. There are various tables of excess fructose in foods on the Internet and in books, but they vary a lot and anyway how much fructose a plant produces varies with the variety of plant and its growing conditions, so in the end you just have to try it.

Finding a diet that didn’t give me problems was quite a challenge. I finally found a protein supplement that doesn’t cause problems, and use it after weight workouts. I also found an energy gel with no fructose that works on hikes. Both of these are, as far as I know, available only on the Internet. So far, so good, but this is hardly nutritionally complete.

As far as I can tell I don’t have IBS or celiac disease. In particular, eating wheat bread doesn’t cause any problems.

About a week ago I started on Soylent 1.5. I had some abdominal cramps the first day but they went away and haven’t come back. At this point I’m eating mostly Soylent and have plenty of energy, with none of the usual intestinal problems. I would describe the taste as “inoffensive”. Maybe a chocolate version could be made available? It works fine for my protein supplement. I did have a problem getting the lumps out, so invested in a blender which took care of the mixing problem.

So at this point my intestinal problems are gone, and I can try various foods confident that any problems are caused by the test foods not my regular Soylent 1.5 meals. W00t! I always wanted to be in a cult :slight_smile:


Welcome to the fold! Stop by HQ to pick up your complimentary silly hat and sacrificial knife. You are immediately authorized to name and interrogate suspected deviant brethren.


You can mix cocoa powder into the Soylent before adding water to make a chocolate version :wink: I use a banana flavor additive(Flavor Apprentice) to sweeten it. Vanillin would work as a sweetener too, if you like vanilla. There shouldn’t be fructose in any of those(don’t be afraid of the banana flavor; it isn’t derived from bananas so there won’t be any sneaky banana components in it)