Introducing BlendRunner - a tool for comparing soylent distributions [xpost from r/soylent]

introducing new comparison tool for soylent alternatives

Update #1 (Feb 18 2015)

Update #2 (Mar 16 2015)

  • now featuring ~40 products from ~20 producers
  • added basic sorting
  • added information on Fibre content

Update #3 (Mar 29 2015)

  • as per axcho’s request, removed People Fuel series, Clean Fuel series, Phil Fuel and Shmoylent Clean
  • added axcho’s Schmilk, Keto Fuel, Athlete Fuel and Light Fuel
  • added Jake Light, Jake Original and Jake Sports

Based on the success of our “Soylent alternatives around the world” articles and the popular “what distro should I pick” question, we came to a conclusion that we need a nice, comprehensive tool to compare all the different soylent alternatives in the world.

After some weeks of research and coding we decided to present you BlendRunner, which will help you compare all the important nutrition (and other) facts about different powder (and solid) foods based on soylent.

BlendRunner is still in beta, still work in progress and we are open to any comments, ideas, improvements. It’s also quite possible that some of the information on the distros is incorrect or missing - please, feel free inform us.

Functionality should be quite easy to understand but we are no user interface experts so if you stumble around, do tell us about it.

Disclaimer: BlendRunner is optimized only for PC for the time being. It’s very possible that it works somewhat OK on mobile as well, but full mobile compatibility is currently only on the roadmap.

We have quite a lot of features in mind and we would like to get your opinion on them, so here’s a (definitely not complete) list of them (sorted roughly by our priority):

  • make the distros sortable - by price, energy, shipping… at least the numeric values for now
  • make categorized lists - defined by us and defined by BlendRunner users too - “Distros in Europe”, “Keto distros” etc.
  • add more information for each distro - ingredient list, allergens, tags (e.g. vegan…)
  • add more distros and also variants for each distros (we have yet to find a good way of presenting variants - any thoughts?)
  • make it easier to skip to specified distro
  • distro (column) highlighting
  • make columns collapsible
  • create detailed “single product” views for every distro - graphs, position among other distros, photos…
  • optimize the code and therefore page loading speed
  • maybe enable user ratings for individual distros
  • add more exact shipping prices for various locations
  • create logo, favicon and all the graphic stuff - we should have some identity :slight_smile:

So what do you think, friends in powder?


I think I want to keep on eye on this and see how it progresses. Good job, I think the community will benefit from this.

I’ll be able to have a better opinion on it once I get on my computer.


@Synectar, How about adding the RDI of various vitamins and minerals. And fiber and sugar levels.

@Tark, you mean some kind of nutrient profile system, similar to what page has?

So that users could select from a few RDI/RDA profiles (US, EU etc) and directly compare the values of micronutrients of individual distributions against that profile? (The actual values of micronutrients for the individual distributions are not there yet, but will be).

Very neat tool. I’d like to see the variations of the different brands on there too. For example, 100% Food has low-carb, high-protein, low-sugar, etc.

Good job :slight_smile: keep up the good work!

Yes thats right.

That would be awesome!

You forgot about veetal on that list.
It’s the german take on soylent. Very nice but pricy.

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We’ve just added four new distros - KetoChow, Veetal, SoylentLife and Purelent.


Nice job! I like the way its done. Do you think its possible to add also Nutrition Facts labels ? PDF preview ?

Thanks! Yes, in time we’ll add either links to the nutrition facts on the sites of manufacturers or include the nutrition facts directly (preferably with a possibility to switch the nutrition profile to immediately see whether a distro conforms with various profiles of various countries).

Blendrunner has just been updated - now containing ~40 products from ~20 producers with some basic sorting abilities. We also added row for Fibre.


Keep up the hard work! Your project is great.

20-odd producers! What Soylent has wrought.

Awesome work, guys! Do you by any chance have a public list of upcoming features so we know what to look forward to?

For the time being we only have the rough ideas mentioned in the first post and some internal planning, but no public Trello board or anything of that kind. We might use something like that in the future though.

As per axcho’s request, we’ve removed Clean Fuel series, People Fuel series, Phil Fuel and Schmoylent Clean from Blendrunner and replaced them with his new blends Schmilk, Keto Fuel, Light Fuel and Athlete Fuel.

We’ve also added Jake Light, Jake Original and Jake Sports a few days back.

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Could you add Purelent as well? It’s a new Dutch site The Dutch seem to be serious about soylent going by the number of start ups

Actually, we’ve already had it there, but since then we’ve noticed their whole webpage is just copied from (even with pictures); their FAQ was the exact copy of Queal’s FAQ back then (whom we contacted and they knew nothing about that) and the nutritional info copied Joylent’s values to the last number (which would be too big a coincidence). As we are talking about a company that wants to sell staple food for masses, we decided to temporarily remove them from Blendrunner, until they acquire their own identity or explain these methods somehow.

We emailed them right in the beginning, when we’ve first featured them on Blendrunner, and they said they’re still working on their product and will finish it at the beginning of March, and give us a shout then so that we can update the Blendrunner. Therefore we wanted to wait until that, thinking that they’ll probably change their identity anyway, and ask about these things on that occasion as well. But they haven’t written yet.

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