Introducing New Custom Cartons

Introducing New Custom Cartons

This was posted a week ago but I just noticed it. Pretty cool!

Sustainable and environmentally-responsible business practices are of paramount importance to both the Soylent team and our community. The constant iteration does not stop at our products, and we are always looking for ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Thanks to the efforts of our Operations and Creative teams, we are excited to introduce our new custom shipping cartons that will be rolling out over the next few weeks.


I just received a new carton today. Definitely liked it better than the old carton (3x12 pack order) though I had to tear off a third side due to how snug the product boxes were.

I wonder if it would be more efficient to use “rip along the line” type boxes so you don’t need tape. Idk I guess tape is recycleable.

Yeah I got 3pk version and it’s great. I am considering upgrading to 4pak one.

I received some of the new boxes yesterday as well. My order was for six boxes; I received a 4 × 12 box and a 2 × 12 box. The 4 × 12 box is pretty unwieldy, and I think it weighs like 50+ lbs (22.7+ kg). It’s not hard to carry if I stick it on my shoulder, but the box is large and heavy enough that picking it up isn’t fun.

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I’m still bummed they put a cardboard box inside a cardboard box. Yea, I know they are recyclable, I won’t go into how most papermills in the states have consolidated with one another or gone out of business completely. Or how some paper products actually get shipped to India or China… but yea, why not just ship in one box - why a box inside a box?

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Damn - I hope my next shipment (due to arrive soon) isn’t in that big box - I just had (double) hernia surgery. I can’t lift sweet F A right now. lol! :head_bandage: :blush:

Do what I do: open the big box and just lift out the small inner boxes one or two at a time, and take them where you need. It’s more trips but at least you don’t hurt yourself.


Yep - that’s what I’ll be doing.

The norm before was getting 48 bottles in 2 big boxes, and I could carry it all at once, no problem. Right now, I’ve only worked up to being able to carry a 6-pack of beer pain-free. In another day or two I’ll try a 12-pack.

Baby steps! :baby:


They do (or did) ship Soylent powder boxes directly. I’m assuming the bottles need more protection in shipping (and judging by some of the crushed Soylent 2.0 boxes I’ve received from FedEx, that seems like a wise choice to me).

I assume when ordering 2+ boxes they get better shipping rates by shipping them bundled together rather than individually.

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I have ordered cases of industrial cleaner, motor oil, and fuel additives(techron.) These items ship in their master case. Meaning they ship inside a single cardboard box. They are larger, bulkier, and hazardous.

Of course, this is just anecdotal evidence of items I received that didn’t need an extra box. If you would like me to write out a mathematical equation how it is possible, I absolutely won’t waste my time on that.:innocent:

When ordering more than one box of 1.5, they put the master boxes inside a second shipping box with copious amounts of paper packing.

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I have no idea what sort of “mathematical equation” you’re talking about.

Hence the custom boxes. The inner boxes fit snugly in the outer box without any voids or packing material. That’s what this thread is about.

I know you are a scientific minded person who likes fact based evidence. I wasn’t sure if you would demand evidence that they could ship soylent 2.0 without putting it in two boxes, like using a multi step algebraic expression/formula.

I hope so because this is just wasteful.

I never said they couldn’t, I said it probably was wise not to.

I got two boxes of 2.0 the other week, they were in a custom 2x12 pk external box which had no empty space.


I found the new boxes easier to lug and store, and the amount of cardboard was less obscene.