Introduction to Lently!

Hi! We’re the team behind Lently!

And we thought we’d introduce ourselves here on the Soylent Discourse. We’ve asked the mods if it was possible and they told us this Discourse is for the ‘Soylent’ category food. Or ‘lent’.

It started as a hobby

One of the guys coined an own recipe, using the DIY tool, one evening when we were chilling out and brainstorming, like we usually do. Just fun and games. As a way of making some of our friends get the nutrients they didn’t usually get. Most of our buddies are creatives and whenever they catch flow, they forget everything. Even their meals.

So, we started of small. A landingpage with a proposition. We spread it among our friends and went with the name StonerShake. A Stoner being sort of a nickname for dreamers, creators and entrepreneurs. A German tech-magazine, T3N, ordered our shake and compared it with our the product of our European colleagues. We came out pretty good, if we say so ourselves!

Fast forward 18 months, a well received name change and a new formula; We’ve grown up as Lently and we’re shipping worldwide! So, we thought we’d swing by here. We’d been following this discourse for a while but kinda forgot about it due to all the hectics. Sorry!

So, what is Lently?

Lently is powdered meal. It comes in 4 flavors; CocoChoco, WakeUp Cappuccino Banana Smile & Strawberry Dreams. Each bag containing 4 meals at 500kcal per shake.

Every order gets a shakerbottle and a scoop. Our shake does not contain maltodextrine or soy and is made using high quality ingredients from the (new) agricultural capitol of the world, the Netherlands!

We offer a Starterpack and if you wish to order big immediately you’re able to customize your own order. You decide which flavors and how many bags you want!

You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! And our website can be found at

I’ve tried to keep it as compact as possible and not commercial! I’ll be on here if you have any questions :slight_smile: Hopefully you all have a good day and we wish you all the best of luck with your endeavours!

The Lently team,

Maurice de Vries & Mustafa Boutzamar

Any plans for cheaper shipping to the US?

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For the near future we’re focussing on Europe. We offer shipping outside of Europe and we chip in on the shipping costs to make it possible (because it is crazy expansive). So for now, people outside of Europe will have to work with what we’re able to offer.

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