Invasion of the Gnats!


So over the last month, we were noticing more and more gnats in our apartment. We’ve never really had a problem with gnats before, or any sort of pest, because we keep a clean home and take the garbage out whenever it gets over 3/4 full. Eventually it got so bad it seemed like they were constantly dive bombing our evening meals (had to dump a couple of glasses when the little kamikazes managed to hit their mark). On a hunch, I dig out an old empty soylent pouch, look inside… and it’s a horror show!

Every empty pouch was host to a colony of gnats and maggots. Some of the oil bottles too, even though I had closed them up! So gross. It must be the combination of all those raw nutrients plus the fact that we aren’t filling up and taking out the garbage as often.

So, now we’re making sure to close the oil bottles, place them in the pouch, squeeze the air out of the pouch, and then reseal the pouch before putting them in the garbage. Seems to be working so far this week. Combined with taking the colonies out to the bins, the entire last generation seems to have died off from starvation.


Sounds like a fruit fly infestation. Make sure you aren’t leaving any fresh food (or Soylent) laying around and they’ll die off on their own. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have had the same issue!! (In my office!). There is no fruit or anything like that but knats keep showing up since Soylent. They are like miniature moths.Perhaps they laid eggs or something? There is nothing here for them to eat & we have cleaning people that take the trash out daily. (High rise office)


I’m pretty sure it was the soylent dust in the empty pouches. We clean our glasses after every drink, and wipe the counters after preparing pitchers. We don’t really have any other food in the house that isn’t sealed or canned.

Now that we’re making sure to seal the oil bottles in the empty pouches, they seem to have been banished.


When I had to get rid of an infestation, I read that the one thing you want to deprive them of is water.

In my very rare bout of trying to cook from scratch, I had put beans to soak in a bowl on the counter. I looked in the next morning (we’re talking about 12 hours here), and I know what you mean by horror show. The next few days were about spraying down my sinks and toilet water with ammonia based Windex several times a day and that seemed to get rid of them. As well, as throwing out a potted plant I had (I’m as good a gardener as I am a cook).

They were gone in a few days.

I do plan to be very careful with my Soylent bags because it seems that it attracts all sorts of critters with its promise of perfect nutrition (at least for gnats and cats). I live in a highrise, so I might just throw the bags out each day down the chute.



I found that Windex kills fruit flies much better than Permethrin.