iOS Health App?


What are folks using to easily record the nutrition from ingesting Soylent into the iOS health app (HealthKit)?


I use MyFitnessPal on Android, it’s available on iOS as well. I’ve also heard Loseit mentioned, though I’ve never tried it.


Did you have to enter the nutritional information or was it already in the database?


My fitness pal has every iteration of Soylent since 1.0. Although I’ve never looked for food bars as I have not ordered yet


Food bars are in MyFitnessPal; they were actually in there by the time I received my first box.


(I use the Fitbit App, I have to manually enter nutrition info, but it saves than info for easy access later. MyFitnessPal is way better than the Fitbit app. MyFitnessPal food list is updated more frequently and is more accurate than any other food logging app)


As others have said, it should be there. If you don’t find an entry you like it’s easy to add, once you do it will be there the next time.


Develop an ios application with the assistance of which will be a progressive web app.