Ireland/UK formula and sources


My soylent formula and sources, living in Ireland (most stuff comes from Amazon UK)

Key stats:

For one person, the setup cost is:

Slightly outdated

12 days initial: €243,04

24 days initial: €262,94

30 days initial: €272,89

Sustained daily cost for 1 person is: €5,27

All costs calculated without shipping, and at GBP 1 = €1,17

Planned taste: Strawberry and peanuts

2440 kcal

Spreadsheet info:

Red/Bad numbers still need to be optimized (€0,46 for micros in ADDITION to the Multivitamin tablets? There must be better Multivits around…).
Green/Good numbers are as cheap as they get.
Dark green means included in another ingredient.

Proteins are okay at that price since the cheapest alternative still costs €1,73 per day, but has no flavour and is not the “No 1 brand”. I have 3kg of this brand here and I like the flavour enough.

Fat is to be experimented around with - I’m starting with peanutoil because I expect the taste to be okay.

For Potassium I’m sure there are cheaper alternatives than Gluconate, but those will be tried out later.

Additional info:

The only “optional” included at this point are Omega 3 fats - can add others later still.

2440 kcal - for me (1,80m, male, 25, 63kg, not too much movement) that’s a very slight weight gain. Hopefully.

Calcium tablets should be taken separately and not put into the drink - ideally leaving a bit of time in between drink and tablet. Omega 3 capsules are those gel thingies, they can be swallowed at the same time as calcium

All micronutrients (from Iron on, including the Omega 3s) are in tablet form and together come to €0,57 a day - I don’t think that has to be changed to separate powders ever (outside of industrial production), it just wouldn’t be worth the time.
The only thing that needs to be done is to find a better All-in-One tablet.

A kitchen scale exact to 1g should be sufficient, though 100mg would be ideal. No other equipment (except for storage) required.

For most Amazon items, the use of is required (as many items are only shipped to the UK).

Let me know if the file host is problematic for anyone, I just don’t like Google docs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, disclaimer: I work in IT and financial services. I have no idea about nutrition, medicine or anything. I wrote this down as a way for me to keep things organized and can’t recommend anyone using it. If someone does try this…not my fault! :wink:

My experience with this recipe:

Fiber sources for Europe
Creating Soylent as a group (UK)

Brilliant - thanks Ben, that is very helpful indeed!


Glad to be of help! :smiley:
Disclaimer added - I’m confident it will work out, especially since I will be very careful with it…but there is no guarantee that this is healthy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn’t seem like I’m finding a better suited multivitamin+minerals product, so I guess €0,46 it is for that.

Update: While looking at a way to optimize shipping costs I found several items cheaper at “TopBrandVitamins” (Amazon UK). Total cost without shipping is now down to €4,68 per day (from €5,16), as reflected in the initial post and spreadsheet (now updated).

Another update, here comes the big problem for us Irish:
Amazon IE is Amazon UK, and Amazon UK does not deliver items classified as medicine outside the UK.
Will take me a while to adjust, but this will probably mean that it will be much more expensive for us.

Update 3: After finding that it is impossible to get the stuff in Ireland at reasonable prices unless I order all the stuff in powdered form at Purebulk or similar in the US, I found a possible solution:

Update 4: TopBrandVitamins via Amazon want about GBP 50 in shipping costs for the tablets, the 680g psyllium husk powder and the 454g Potassium, for delivery to the UK. Doesn’t quite do it for me…


And a final update to the long string in the last post:

Most Amazon sources in the spreadsheet have now changed. Instead of the original daily cost of €5,16 it’s now €5,27.
The initial setup costs went down, but only slightly. All numbers in the original post are up to date.

Without whey (I still have that lying around) ordering the Amazon components of my initial 30 days setup cost me €159,45, plus €31,41 in shipping. In addition to that, I will pay up to €28 (hopefully a bit less if some thing arrive on the same day?) in Parcel Motel charges.

Buying the whey locally for €100 for 50 days, which I probably would have done looking at these shipping cost, that makes the total setup cost (including shipping, Tesco and whey) €333,94.


Hi. Nice job you’ve done! I live in Sweden and also have some problem finding everything. Seems like Amazon UK is the easiest option. You noted there was a problem with delivering some of the stuff outside UK. Thanks for the heads up and nice idea with parcelmotel! As far as I could see its an Irish service, right? You don’t happen to know of an international/european one similar to parcelmotel?


Unfortunately it is indeed an Irish service, and I don’t know of a Swedish/International one :frowning:
I found though that that if ingredient x could not be shipped from one supplier, it could be shipped from another. With raised shipping cost to Ireland of course. That might have something to do with how the articles are classed on Amazon, anyways - if you are willing to pay more for shipping, you might still get everything.


Heh, like I said, I don’t like Google docs and would not be updating that version. But you are welcome to convert it to that yourself ofc. ^.^


Ah, thanks again! Could be a backup if I cant find any cheaper options.


Updated: Magnesium reduced to half a capsule per day, making a total of 300mg instead of 500mg.
We have now heard of quite a few negative consequences of only slight magnesium overdoses throughout these forums… :wink:


Hi Ben,

looks great, could you keep us updated with your first couple of weeks experience with this recipe please.

thanks for the excel document.



Sure will, diary and all that!


Kind of double posting here, I think I missed your deadline for ordering ingredients, so will keep in touch and watch your progress until next time you order.


Too late for the macros, potassium and fiber, but all the other stuff comes in large packages, so I’d be happy to sell you parts of that ^.^
I replied in the other thread and also sent you a PM :slight_smile:


Did a little test with what I have here.

Strawberry whey, multivitamin crushed up, molybdenum crushed up, phosphor, water, sunflower oil and a little sugar and salt.
Taste is not conclusive, as I don’t have the other macros (maltodextrin, psyllium husk, potassium gluconate (not a macro, but 15g of it might well affect the taste and feeling) yet.

  • Taste is fine (a bit neutral) 1 minute after shaking as well as 5 minutes after shaking
  • It makes kind of an acidic noise for 2-3 minutes after shaking :stuck_out_tongue:
  • The multivitamin tablets don’t crush up so well: They have some kind of very thin coating that I didn’t get crushed. I sieved it out instead.
  • If I wait more than 2 minutes after shaking, the remaining crushed multivitamin sinks to the bottom
  • Oil (and I do believe I had the right proportion) doesn’t seem noticable

So…if consumed immediately after shaking (which shouldn’t be a problem, I have water at work and can carry the powder portioned in bags) it should be fine. Will have to see about the tablet coating though. If more tablets end up having coatings like this, it might be easier to split those in half and swallow them 2 times a day with the soylent.


The Omega 6/3 ratio is a bit high. Ideally it should be half Groundnut/Peanut oil, half Walnut oil.
Tesco IE doesn’t have Walnut oil though, so we’ll have to see…
If no walnut oil is available, it might be a good idea to take at least 2 of the omega 3 capsules per day.


Following Rob’s 3 months blogpost I have added MSM.
Since I want to start soon I bought 2*120 tablets (2 for 1) of 750mg MSM each from Holland&Barrets locally, but for people with more time/for later it’s available on Amazon cheaper. This will be a bit over 450mg, but since my Whey also has both Sulfur containing Amino Acids, I think it should be fine.
Updated in spreadsheet.

Fats: Going with 66% Groundnut oil and 33% Walnut oil, together with the Omega 3 capsules the Ω3/Ω6 ratio is in an acceptable area.
Updated in spreadsheet.

Longterm it might be worth getting flaxseed oil.

I’m not gonna adopt Rob’s new Oats-practice for now, I want to feel how it works without first.
There is room for it though, and it could make things significantly cheaper.


Thank for you spreadsheet @CuriousBen !
I want to try to make a Soyent recipe based on your.

I totally don’t have any nutrition/medicine skills, but I’m interested in and I want to learn. :smiley:

My profile is:

  • Male, 1.84m, ~72kg, and I’m not very active

So, I think I’m not far away of your profile, then your recipe too.
At this time, I have to find all items available in my country, France. And it’s not easy!

I’ll try to do a list of it and I’ll notice you my progress.


If anyone orders from the Maltodextrin supplier on my sheet, All Mall shop (directly though - I ordered via Amazon), their 10% off voucher (they put a few pieces off paper with that on it into my Maltodextrin delivery) is:



I made some adjustments:
Vitamin B12 and Manganese are now half a tablet each instead of a quarter.
Makes dosing easier (halfs you can cut, quarters not so much anymore) if you are producing for one day in advance only.
The increase in cost is insignificant, and of course both are not dangerous in these higher dosages.

I will post an updated file later today.