Iron absorption limited by tea by 62%. do I need more iron?


Just read this article. I think a lot of tea. Should I modify my soylent recipe?


my DIY


I believe it’s only an issue if you drink the tea WITH your soylent.

I used to drink tea with many meals, but I don’t drink anything with my soylent.


Soylent contains more iron than you need. The FDA iron dietary guideline is actually pretty high.

Edit: Some of the health benefits from drinking tea/oily coffee (espresso, french press) in men is from the reduction of excess iron.


How much tea are you drinking and are you drinking with your soylent? If your worried have your iron levels checked. If they drop below a normal level only then i would consider adding iron to your soylent. You don’t want to accidentally poison yourself with to much iron.

@Exordium01 the FDA’s requirement of 18mg is for women. I do admit most guys get to much iron in their diet because of this. Thats one reason i donate blood ever so often.


For what it’s worth, I’m a large male who hasn’t eaten red meat for over 20 years, so I don’t get much non-heme iron. Most of the iron I get is heme iron, the kind affected by tea and coffee.
I drink a lot of coffee and tea. (Too much coffee and tea.) And I take a multivitamin supplement with no iron in it.

In June, I had extensive bloodwork (before soylent), but if coffee/tea had a serious effect, one would expect it should show up in me. My relevant test levels were all in the normal range:

IRON: 94 (45-160 ug/dL)
IRON, % SAT: 26 (20-55%)
TIBC: 363 (228-428 ug/dL)