Iron Supplementation


Through 23andme, I discovered I have this mutation: H63D (a single mutation). My ferritin levels are quite low: 13 ng/mL - I was prescribed Follifer to address this issue; it’s a supplement with 90mg Iron (dried ferrous sulfare) and 1mg Folic Acid… however when I take it, I end up with a headache…so something is wrong.

Anyone with iron problems here? It seems that despite my iron being so low, I cannot take much. Somewhere I read that iron supplements causing headaches hints hemochromatosis… however this genetic defect usually results in high ferritin levels… not low ones…


See your doctor again and report the headache issue. I assume you gave them a copy of the analysis. If they can’t figure it out, find one who can. This is not something to mess with.