Is 1.4 making anyone phlegmy?


I’m new to Soylent and 1.4 is the only version I’ve ever tried. I already love it and can see it as a staple food source in my life.

But I do agree with those who describe it as “slimy.” I don’t mind it in the texture, but I find myself extremely phlegmy for several hours after I have one serving.

Anyone else experiencing anything similar?


I have 1.3 (also new to Soylent) and it does not make me phlegmy.


1.4 makes me a bit phlegmy for minutes (I think it’s the new starches), but not hours :neutral_face: Maybe drink some H2O? Thickening mucous is a sign of dehydration.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hehe, I had to…


Thanks for your input. My husband is the same as you - just a little phlegmy for a little while. I drink quite a bit of water, so I doubt it’s dehydration.

I hadn’t considered the starches. I assumed it was the oils - with 40% fat, 1.4 sits in my stomach like I downed a bottle of olive oil.

Is starch a common cause of excess mucous? As far as my research has uncovered, it’s animal-derived fats (dairy, lard, butter) that causes mucous. I also get phlegmy when I eat chocolate. Maybe I’m allergic to something weird.

I think I’m going to try some DIY for the time being. Perhaps I can adjust the oil levels.


It doesn’t cause excess mucous, but it is often used as a thickener and makes fats kind of sticky.


@Solive_Soyl, are you still on the Soylent? How’s the congestion? I’ve been congested since beginning Soylent 1.4, but I’ve attributed it to regular pollen allergies, or some kind of sinus thing. I’m going to try to take the day off Soylent and see if it’s related…


I have cut back on my consumption to keep the mucous production down. It’s tolerable if I have only 6-8 oz of soylent at a time.

I’ve done some research, and I think now that it’s the sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is very high in Omega 6 (I think it may be entirely Omega 6) which makes the hormones that stimulate the release of mucous. I think I may be more sensitive than others.

I’m hoping they balance the Omega-3 to Omega 6 ratio in the next formula and reduce the percentage of fat.

Let me know if going off for a day relieves the congestion. So far, you seem to be the only other person who is having this problem!


I took one day off and seemed a bit less congested and started drinking it again yesterday. I still have some congestion. I should have taken several days off to be sure. At this point I’m guessing it is NOT the Soylent. If these allergies continue I might take a longer break…


Just to check in, both me and my partner have been experiencing excess throat phlegm on 1.4
specifically there is more from our most recent shipment, expiring 2/16.


There is no link between diet and excess mucus production. According to my GI and three of my primary doctors, excess mucus is usually a sign of an infection, and would have nothing to do with diet. There is also no link between dairy and mucus production.

You may actually have a case of excess phlegm, but it likely has nothing to do with the Soylent. You may be also be mistaking thickened saliva for a feeling of excess phlegm. Consider if you’re dehydrated (if you’re new to Soylent, you likely will be since we derive much of our water from food), if you have allergies, if you smoke, if you have acid reflux, or anything else before placing the blame with Soylent.

I’ve mistakenly attributed excess phlegm or a feeling of it with food in the past and my doctors have each corrected me numerous times over the years. Here’s some good reading on the subject:

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