Is 1.5 JAN 2017 actually 1.6?

My guess is my shipment labeled 1.5, dated Jan 2017 “expiration” is actually 1.6, and I’m curious if others have noticed the flavor / feel difference as well as the wide “band” at the top of the pitcher when it has settled.

Not complaining… just curious.


You can tell the difference between 1.5 and 1.6 by sight and smell. If it says 1.5, I am going to say it must be 1.5. Whats the lot #, and take a photo.

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You could check the nutrition information on the pouch.

If it’s 1.5’s nutrition information, but you think the powder is actually 1.6, it’s probably worth a complaint given that the nutrition labelling would be incorrect.

You would know if it was 1.6.

1.6 doesn’t separate at all, unlike previous versions.

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Oh — I get that with 1.5, often the fat (I think) separates overnight in the fridge.

Unless I’ve been getting 1.6 for months too!

How deep does this conspiracy go???


What if… my 1.4 was actually 1.6 the entire time!!!
Get this to the press!


I got a box of 1.5 on the last day it was shipped. I started having it a couple days ago; I’m on my second pack. And it has a distinctly thinner texture than my previous boxes of 1.5, but the flavor is very similar, so I don’t think it 1.6 that was accidentally put into the 1.5 package. Not sure what is going on but the different texture is very noticeable.

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Last night as I mixed my next batch I paid more attention. The smell of this batch is definitely different from my earlier batches. The flavor may be different as well.

I’m starting to think @Scot is right, that a few boxes went out that accidentally put 1.6 powder into 1.5 bags. I’ll know for sure when my “official” 1.6 comes in about a week.

Hey WMS… That’s my take… it’s certainly different (not in a bad way), but, when I read the comment about 1.6 having no separation, I thought perhaps it was just a blend of all the bits that wasn’t quite “shaken out” before poured into the pouch at the mfg.

Got my 1.6 today. The 1.5 JAN 2017 is definitely just watery 1.5. It is not 1.6…which is very, very different, and not in a good way. :disappointed:

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Hey WMS… just wondering if after a month, you are finding 1.6 any better.

I’m still on my 1.5 (January dated pouches) but my 1.6 will ship soon. I’m still not overjoyed with the flavor of 1.5 January. I had some July dated pouches of 1.5 and switched back and forth… difference was night and day. For the first time (been w/ Soylent since the beginning) I’m now added a bit of choc. syrup to the 1.5 January dated, to make it appetizing.

Hi Scot

No, I had to give up on 1.6. The chemical aftertaste that some people complain about, I learned to live with, but the sickening sweetness got worse each time I tried to drink it. Finally on about my 5th meal of it, I had to fight my gag reflex to keep it down, so I threw it out and gave up. Hopefully 1.7 will come soon and will be different.


I hope not, I am loving 1.6, I wouldn’t want another change unless it were different flavors.

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I suspect it will be a while since the next update likely won’t be until they make some algae break throughs.

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