Is 2250 Calories sustainable for me?


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I’m 280lb 6’2" and very inactive. Soylent plus other things i will be taking add up to about 2250 cal…is it realistic for me to live on that many calories at my size or will my body eventually freak out if i stick to that few calories all the time?

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Not sure the best order to present my info so ill just go at it and hope it makes sense… I am 6’2" 280lb…for work I sit in a chair at a computer for 12hours/5days a week with no real breaks…I can walk to the store for a few min but then gotta get right back, which is to say im super inactive.

I have been on DIY soylent for a while now. I started doing all soylent 5 days a week and doing half portions on weekends along with real food…Everytime I eat real food (meals that is…little finger sized snacks here and there are fine) i regret it…first my body isnt sure whats going on…second I have trouble with portion control…third…when Im on mostly soylent my depression seems to take a chill pill…when i start with food i start feeling icky, moody and just a bit off.

I started DIY at about 2600 cal as not to shock my system which is used to lots and lots of pizza and burgers and way too many calories daily. Worked my way down (wanted to get down to actual soylent levels of calories and protien ratios) no my DIY is down to 2000 cal…I take about 250 cal worth of fish oil daily…so 2250 cal…Im planning to phase out food almost entirely which leads me to my question

Can I live on 2250 cal when all the websites say i need to be closer to 2800…2250 is the lower end of my WEIGHT LOSS calorie number.

Since i have been doing DIY…i have no trouble modding my Soylent v1.0 (hope its as simple as adding 200-300 cal worth of corn flour or some extra oil) but would prefer not too. Thanks in advance for the input.


Wouldnt you want to lose weight at 280 and only 6’2?
I am 6’5 and 250 and considered obese.


weight loss isnt a goal for me…it probably should be…but for me its more an effort in countering my food addiction. If 2250 calories would result in more uncontrolled food binges that would be bad…if the added effort in modding my soylent would lead to more cheat days…that would not be great…just thinking out loud in advance of actually getting the real thing…


The main question to ask yourself is “Do I feel hungry on 2250 calories?”. If no, then you’re golden. If yes, try 2500. I would definitely go with the low end of your calculations, even if weight loss is not a goal, it won’t hurt you.


@VadimGod 2250 calories probably wouldn’t be enough, but I believe the general rule of thumb has been to drink Soylent until satisfied, whether that ends up being more or less than the standard meal portion.


i dont really do meals…i just sip all day…so if i sip more early on…ill run out before the day is over…

No not really hungry…but ive still been eating food here and there…now planning to cut out food almost entirely…which is why im asking this question in preparation…


This is interesting to me as well because I definitely overeat compulsively, and I will be watching for any cravings that I have. I have not tried DIY (I don’t trust myself enough for that) and so I really don’t know how Soylent will be effecting me. Also I am not planning on going on a completely Soylent diet, I love food too much for that. I just want to be able to eat food to enjoy it, not because I have to eat it to survive. If I end up feeling queasy or moody every time I enjoy a burger and fries I will be very upset! I also could stand to lose some weight, I don’t know exactly but I am 6’ and am probably somewhere around 200lb (haven’t weighed myself lately). I hope you follow up @VadimGod after being on Soylent for a while on how you are doing with this so I can compare/contrast with my own experience.


i guess i was more hoping to get input from someone knowledgeable on nutrition and how the body works to say…if you do 2250cal 7 days a week at your size…withing 2 weeks your brain function will be at about 80% because calories vs urin ratio…or something sciency like that.


just to warn you now…I, along with other DIYers Ive talked to feel pretty icky after eating heavy greasy food…fries might not be very appealing to you after a while…but in general most food will smell and taste way better.

I remember on my second week of soylent I drove a coworker to pickup Checkers Garlic Parmasen Chicken Wings…the car smelled SOOOOOO good that I didnt even want any wings…the smell was so satisfying…i know if i ate a few wings i would have regretted it really bad.


Oh god, really? Well, it’s going to be a very interesting experience for me then since french fries are pretty much my #1 favorite food ever, it was even my first solid food! If that happens to me I probably will just end up not eating fries cries because I am inherently lazy and making soylent is just so -easy-


pasta is my #1

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My advice would be to focus on the nutrition you are getting, rather than the total calories. As long as you are getting sufficient nutrients and are not feeling hungry with fewer calories I would expect it to work well for you.

My own situation is not to far removed from yours. I am about an inch shorter and twenty pounds heavier, also have a fairly sedate job, but have been doing some sporting activities and have also very recently started an exercise program. Even though I am a bit heavier, and maybe more active, I am consuming even fewer calories than you without any troubles and am well satisfied. Currently my DIY sits at 1600kcal, I was at 1800 for a couple of months but dropped it down because for me weight loss is a goal. I plan to try Soylent at 1500, hopefully soon.

Pre-soylent I would have terrible food cravings and go on binges, but now the cravings have gone and I no longer need to binge. I have found that if I go back to muggle food alone for a couple of days the cravings return though, so I take that to mean that I am missing some nutrient that is causing me to have those cravings.


how long have you been on your diy? what percent of your meals are you doing as soylent?


Four months DIY, the last 4-6 weeks at 1600kcal. Generally 80-90% soylent, there was about a week and a half around Easter where I was pretty much not doing any soylent do to family stuff, I’m definitely glad to be back to it though as I feel much better on my soylent.


thanks…useful info