Is anyone else having issues with discourse loading images?

For example, this thread:

I am unable to get a single one of the images to load on either PC I use. Since the two PCs are in physically different locations, that rules out both network and specific PC configuration.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Or is it just me?

The frowny face at the end of the original post doesn't even show up! It shows in the preview, when typing, but not when I actually view the post, for some reason...

It’s working just fine for me. Maybe it’s a browser issue? I’m using Firefox.

Chrome 42, images in that thread not working.

Chrome (up to date) iPhone; working 100%.
Did you turn it off and on again?

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Firefox 39, pictures don’t show up.

The images have been insanely slow to load ever since I registered a few weeks ago. I usually hit the stop button and hope the pages render without the images

Do any of you use HTTPS Everywhere? I had to disable it recently because the images weren’t loading here.

HTTPS Everywhere currently disabled, no difference.

More proof of the Rosa Labs satanic business empire conspiracy. Real people will not take this censorship lying down. Wake up sheeple.

If I turn it off, (some) images stop loading. If I turn it on, they start loading again.

Thanks for the suggestion!
I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that, I’ve encountered problems with that specific extension in the past. I set it to allow unencrypted connections to, and that seems to have fixed it.
Thanks again!

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