Is anyone else hungry? 1st week issue


Hi there,

I started my 1st week last Thursday. Here is the recipe I am using. My BMR indicates a caloric intake of 2480 so I am down on that but man am I hungry. I want to snack all the time. Every time I see an commercial for food (I never realized how many of them there are) it’s all I can do to not hit the fridge.

The next problem I have is that I am already at the upper limit of carb intake (diabetic). So if calories are the problem, should I add more fat or protein at this point?

Anyone else experiencing this? Suggestions?

Thanks and cheers,


You’re only coming in at 2150 kcal, so you’re missing your target of 2480. You could try bumping up your whey/soy protein a little to make up some of the gap, do this in small increments. I jumped too far when this happened to me and it was not very consumable. If you end up jacking the protein up quite a bit you may want to consider adding a little more fiber.

For a Keto nutrition profile you have far too many carbs. It looks like you’re trying to strike some kind of balance between carbs and protein… if you aren’t very accustomed to a low-carb diet this could be the root of your issue. I found that it was very difficult to switch from burning carbs to protein. The body generally doesn’t want to go the “expensive” route toward breaking down proteins for energy when it has become used to breaking down carbs, which are comparatively “cheap” for the body to break down from what I understand.

Maybe you want to supplement with some light carb choices throughout the day and try to slowly ween yourself off them? Generally speaking making a drastic change in your daily nutrition profile, at least your proportions of carbs/protein/fat, can be difficult to do.

I’m made some assumptions, I don’t intend to offend or say you are doing things a certain way. Just sharing my experiences.


Junk food is addicting. It took some time for me to adjust to just eating soylent and stopp craving real food so much.

How many meals have you split soylent into? Maybe you could split it up more. Everytime you get a craving tell your self, if i still want it 30 min after this souylent i can come back and get it.


Ah. I should given some more history. I am in pretty good shape at 6’1" 190lbs. I have been on a 30g carb per day diet for 3-4 weeks or so. Reduced carbs and keto type diet is for diabetic control only as I have no need/desire to lose much weight. I started low on the calories because I do not see how I was ever getting near that 2480 number to begin with but maybe I was.


Ok, in that case you may want to give vwbugg’s idea a try as well. I found that my daily carb intake with muggle meals, aka normal food, was much higher than I expected. I thought my diet of 2200 kcal a day was accurate and when I re-checked the facts for everything I consumed in a day I found it was closer to 2700 kcal. Over the course of the last few months I’ve managed to drop down to 2400 kcal and not feel too hungry and not lose a dramatic amount of weight. My recipe is also largely protein, I am taking in 160g of carbs and 170g of protein (65g fat) per day by comparison.

I’m 6’2" and a mostly-muscle 260lbs; but the last few years have not been the kindest to my belly, I concede. :smiley:


Many of the normal food we eat has a lot more calories than we realize. A bowl of cereal for example. Do you measure out 1 or 2 servings? and then measure out the milk? do you add sugar? You probably are taking in more calories then you would have calculated. Do you butter your toast? Oj? Sugar in the oatmeal?

Lets say you eat a banana. I have seen some huge ones and some very small ones.

How bout a pb&J. Now i know no one measures out their peanut butter.

Even if you were to measure all your food you still might be taking in more than you think because those nutrition facts were based on weight measure like our soylent.

There are so many places for calories to come from and your would have to be slightly crazy to account for all of them.


I’m working a 40/30/30 recipe here that tones it down on the supercarbheavy original recipe. I am also aiming for 2400 cals so maybe you’ll find it helpful.

I was STARVING all day yesterday with the 53/17/30 ratio of the People Chow recipe, and have found today that the 40/30/30 ratio is suiting my body much better.


Shouldn’t “protein” here be “fat”? You did say its a keto diet.


I personally was not going keto. This was an intended as an overall comment about switching sources of energy.