Is anyone else's airtight pitcher... not?

My shaky Soylent pitcher has developed, after a couple of days of use, the annoying tendency of leaking during the mixing process. Right around the nozzle.
I’ve tried it at various stages of tightness, (heeding the warning in the instructions regarding over-tighening.)
I also have big-strong hands, and LITERALLY put lids on things for a living, so I have no worries that I’ve been UNDERtightening things.

I’ve also checked both of the gaskets.

Is this a common issue? The thing is just over a week old. Should I contact support?

I had the same problem. What fixed it for me was making sure the contents were cold; in only leaked when it got warm.

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Yeah over tightening is a very common problem. You know its tight enough when the handle points at the spout.

What exactly did you check when you checked both the gaskets?

Sounds like you’ve probably over-tightened it a few times. It reduces the integrity of the gaskets, which would be hard to notice unless you had a brand new gasket to compare it to. Unless, as codemaker suggested, it’s been warm, in which case you can remedy this by keeping the pitcher cool.

I recommend this pitcher instead:

It’s easier to clean, shorter and wider so it fits in more places, and hell of tight and tough. Although it was made for labs to store chemicals, it’s sort of been adopted by soylent drinkers. I have two of them

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In addition to overtightening, make sure the gasket is clean when you put it on the top. When I don’t wash well enough, sometimes a grain of Soylent gets between the gasket and the lid, and water will leak out of the crack that this makes.

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Also, if the gasket is pushed out of its groove – easy to do and easy to correct – leaks with an explosive component start. I’ve had my pitcher in daily usage for six months with nary a leak. And I can’t figure out how to overtighten it; it always goes a bit beyond the spout and stops. Overtighteners must have strong hands!

Mine leaked when new. I’ve been “overtightening” it while it’s heated with hot tap water while cleaning it and now the random leaks are gone when I use it at room temperature.

That makes sense. Things expand when warm. This could lead to leaking. Also the pitchers are intended to brew tea in. So if they didn’t “leak” air when warm they could pressurize and be dangerous to the user.

I hated the Takeya pitcher and switched to using three blender bottles instead.

Ditto. I like that the blender bottles allow me to flavor my “meals” individually at the time I make them. Also had some of the same problems folks are noting with the Takeya – getting splashed with half-mixed Soylent is no fun.

What two adults choose to do in the privacy of their home is of no concern to me.


Sweeping college campuses across the country; Say goodbye to mud and jello wrestling…Say hello to Soylent wrestling!

The Takeya pitcher is being unjustly accused! Unless there are many defective Takeya pitchers, I suspect that many complaints are user-caused. For example, the discussions of over-tightening and under-tightening are just wrong. I think that people who think their problems are due to over or under-tightening are unlikely to ever solve their problems, because that isn’t what is causing them.

Also, people who complain about difficulty cleaning their pitchers certainly aren’t having my experience. Warm,soapy water is the key. Pour it into the container and shake. Remove the black plastic and do it separately. I often don’t have to actually scrub anything; it completely cleans with nothing put water pressure.

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That’s what’s nice about Blender Bottles. They’re idiot-proof. No seals to worry about. No over-tightening to worry about. They just work.


Until the tops crack :smile:

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I find sometimes the smaller gasket gets a little twisted or out of place. At least I think this is what causes the (very rare) leakage I’ve experienced. After it got me once, I always begin shaking over the sink just in case.

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Exactly. All the stuff about overtightening and undertightening seems very unlikely to me. Fixing gasket placement solved the only leakage problem I ever had. I have strong hands, but I don’t think I could manage overtightening.