Is anyone going to Outside Lands in San Francisco this weekend?

Soylent will apparently have a taste testing tent/booth there, let us know what you think of 2.0.


I would also be curious if there are multiple flavors of it, and how each of them taste (if there are, in fact, multiple flavors).

Almost sure there are not multiple flavors. I ordered the 12 pack and there was nothing mentioned about flavor choices. But pretty sure they’re planning flavors in the future.

Hopefully someone goes to the concert and reports back here on the forum. Having a tasting booth for a product like Soylent that’s intended to be bland is an interesting proposition…


Correct me if i am wrong, but didnt rob say they wanted it be flavour neutral and didnt say anything about wanting it be bland? Or did he say bland too?

You know what I’m trying to say. Bland/Flavor neutral, either way, interesting concept for a tasting booth.

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Ok, a friend of mine went to outside lands and tried Soylent 2.0! We had never discussed Soylent before and I only asked him because he posted on FB that he at the festival. Anyway, his short review is: “It was pretty pleasant, I compared it to a not-quite-so-sweet nilla wafer.” Sounds promising. :slight_smile:


It does. Thanks for getting him to try it.

I was like, wait, I thought there were no flavors added. I specifically looked at the list of 2.0 ingredients for changes and I didn’t notice, but it’s true: “Natural and Artificial Flavors!” So my (unspoken) guess for 2.0’s taste was somewhere between unsweetened and sweetened soy milk. I will now modulate my expectation to somewhere between an unsweetened and sweetened vanilla soy milk, but probably with less vanilla flavor. I’m pretty excited!

Does that mean vanillin is back? Not that I care either way, it never bothered me. That might explain the nilla wafer taste though.

I was curious enough that I ordered when I saw the announcement, this’ll be the first I’ve gotten from them since 1.0 (though I do have a bunch of 1.4 I got in trade from someone else, which I’ve never tried). I won’t be leaving my soylent any time soon, but will probably make it a tradition to order new forms as they come out (3.0, 4.0, etc). I expect 3.0 to be a solid form, which I’m interested to compare to my own solid soylent.

I would assume so, but until/if they release another spreadsheet (probably post-release) or they outright tell us, we can’t be sure.

I can speak only for myself, but if I’m going to buy bottled Soylent, it sure would be nice if there was a chocolate flavor option down the road. :heart_eyes:

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Funny, I was just thinking it’d be nice to walk into a gas station some day and grab a cold bottle of strawberry Soylent from the fridge. I don’t know why though… I’ve always been the chocolate guy, strawberry Soylent just sounds right tonight, but I’m sure the other 99 times I’d want chocolate.

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I’ve never liked actual strawberries, oddly enough (and I keep trying the damn things to make sure!), but I do sometimes enjoy an artificial strawberry flavor. Although if we’re talking berry flavors, I think my ideal would be a mix of blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry. Anyone who’s visited Oregon has probably had Marionberries, which I just learned are apparently a specific type of blackberry, but are nonetheless delicious. Oh and raspberries. I guess I like all the artificial berry flavors. Mmm artificial.

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Rob was even there, very cool:

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How could you neglect the most important information in that thread?

I really want a Soylent shirt (white shirt with Soylent nutrition info on it) and pestered the crew there endlessly about getting one