Is anyone interested in sample sharing?


A lot of mixes are meant as bulk, and it’s a hefty initial investment for something that a person may or may not like. I was wondering in people were interested in sample sharing. As in, sending someone your recipe and a small sample of it.

I know shipping might be a cost issue, and there’d be an issue of trust (will this stuff kill me)? But it’s just something to think about.

Another good reason for sample sharing is the variance of taste. If you try 10 different samples, you might find the exact taste you are looking for, and you’d have the recipe for that batch.


With shipping cost you might end up paying 10% of a 30 days price for a one day sample, and that’s assuming that the creator doesn’t charge you for their time.

Since most of the taste will come from the Macros (carbs, protein, fat), it would probably be a better idea for you to just buy those in small packages and shift them around a bit, to find your ideal taste.