Is anyone reshipping to Europe?


What’s your experience? How much does it cost? Are you happy?


I made a selfimport during a businesstrip to the south.
Shippingcosts are over 50€ for 6 pouches.
If you want to ship a whole month, please give me a shout if you find someone who made the shipping under 100€.
The only way is to make a bargain at ebay and invest the money, you saved for the Soylent, in the shipping…


That’s insane. That’s 1/3 of the price of a month of Soylent.

If only @Soylent shipped to Europe already…


It is kind of insane. My Reship fees to Canada are $84 for 2 weeks (purchase $155) and $136 for 4 weeks (purchase $255). The Reshipper itself only charges $5 for their services which is a bargain. You pay for the weight of the thing.

On the other hand, I got a month’s supply of Schmilk (which uses milk to provide a lot of the nutritional solids) for $73 (purchase price $180) because it’s so much lighter per meal.

(none of this includes dollar exchange costs)


I’m surprised there isn’t a Canadian @axcho by now, much less the Canadian equivalent of Joylent/Queal/Mana/etc.


I have made contact with a person that has a company that sells to the EU.
He has been kind enough to help me get my Soylent to me.
You can try and send him a PM @natures_fusions but i know he has been overwhelm with people that wants his help.


It’s more that no one else is crazy/delusional enough to want to do what I’ve been doing. :stuck_out_tongue: They’d be much better off imitating Joylent, I have to say!