Is anything known about shipping?


Is there any way to get a ballpark estimate on shipping for, say, 2 months with oil? A matter of days? Weeks? Months? You’ll get your Soylent in Valhalla? Soylent is evolving into a singularity and you can’t rush perfection? My God, it’s going to eat US!

Really guys, any news at all. You can make up something if it’s entertaining.


It seems completely up in the air. Some people with less than 2 months are already getting orders. People with 4+ months haven’t heard shit.

Basically no one has any idea what the fuck Rosa Labs/Soylent is doing for shipping or how they’re determining orders and fulfillment. They CLAIMED that larger orders would get their soylent first but so far it doesn’t look like that at all.

Edit: They also claim that once you get your soylent if you re-order you’ll get it sent out in 1-2 weels. At the speed they seem to be going shipping wise @vanclute will be spending half a year before getting another shipment of soylent.


You ever see on Joe’s Crab Shacks they have “FREE CRAB TOMORROW!” signs that never change. Thats my best guess you’ll get it Tomorrow.


It was determined with some reasonable level of confidence in the “order status” thread recently that the people with smaller nonvegan orders who already got their Soylent are mostly beta testers, journalists, and people who work for companies that Soylent might want to do business with in the future (who also happen to be friends with the founders).

From the Order Status thread:

JulioMiles said:
This guy didn’t mention that he’s childhood friends with
two of the co-founders and works for a large company that we may be
interested in establishing a relationship with, so his order was shipped
  along with the beta tester orders.

anonynamja said:
Thanks for clarifying. Are these 2 and this guy special exceptions like that too?

JulioMiles said:
Yeah, looks like it.

So it’s special treatment for beta testers, journalists and potential business partners, not random disorganization.


Even if that is the case it still means they’re drastically behind the original schedule they posted about. It also means there must also be a very small number of orders shipping out per day if these are the only people getting their orders.


Something as simple as, we have shipped to “X” number of customers and have a production rate of “Y” weeks of Soylent/day


They then withdrew the originally posted schedule, and said they’re working on it as fast as they can.


Yeah, that sure would be nice. It’d make my sitting on an empty 4 month order slightly less painful.