Is coffiest ok to use for every meal?

Or is that too much caffeine?

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I would be more concerned about the lack of vitamins A and C. As far as the caffeine goes it would depend on your tolerance level.


Since cancelling my powder subscription I’m seriously thinking about using Coffiest for breakfast and lunch and eating traditional food for dinner.

Idk how much caffeine coffeist has in it, but iirc a standard cup of coffee holds about 150-250mg of caffeine. You can count your cups of coffee in a day then compare that resulting amount of caffeine to what you’d get from a full day of coffeist.

A more ‘scientific’ way would to use caffeine pills to keep track of your caffeine intake (take one every time you’d drink a cup of coffee). Normally a caffeine pill has 200mg/pill with very little variance so then you can get a pretty accurate count of how much you’re consuming. Then you may be able to accurately judge how much exactly you need to take in addition to coffeist if it doesn’t supply enough for you.

But as said above, the lack of vitamins A and C are a bigger concern. Hello scurvy.

People have lived on more caffeine, so it’s possible, but it’s not recommended. Or at very least give yourself a long time to build up a tolerance.

But you want to wait till they fix the vitamins. That will probably take a few months.


That totals 750 mg of caffeine, assuming you consume 2000 calories via Coffiest.

Mayo Clinic: “Up to 400 mg of caffeine a day appears to be safe for most healthy adults.”

The European Food Safety Authority concluded that a daily safe dose of 400mg is safe for adults and single doses of 200mg at one time are fine for those engaging in exercise directly after the dose.

I wouldn’t. Willing to bet it still contains more vitamins A and C than the average diet.

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Caffeine in Coffiest is 150 milligrams. According to google, caffeine in a standard cup of coffee is 94.8mg (

Caffeine pills vary significantly. I’m unsure if Pro Plus is a thing in the US, but if it is, those pills are only 50mg each. 200mg is on the high end for pills in my experience.

You are unfortunately incorrect about it containing more vitamin A and vitamin C than the average diet (in the US anyway).

This is a photo of the label from new orders of Coffiest:

The label says 7% DV per bottle of vitamin A (using the old Daily Values where the target was 5000 I.U.) for a grand total of 1750 IU per day. To convert from IU to micrograms you either multiply by 0.3 (for retinol) or 0.6 (for beta-carotene) (information obtained from As the label says they use ‘Vitamin A palmitate’, we would use the multiplication of 0.3. Therefore a full day of Coffiest provides 525 micrograms of vitamin A. Compare this with the average intake of vitamin A for people aged 2 and over, which according to this page ( is 607 micrograms (649 micrograms for adult men and 580 micrograms for adult women) and you can see the vitamin A levels if consuming Coffiest as your only food source are actually a fair bit less than that found in the average diet.

The label also says 0% of vitamin C per bottle, so you absolutely need to supplement vitamin C.

I stand corrected.