Is it all about the aftertaste?


I just started on Soylent with 1.5 and the aftertaste is pretty bad. Does anyone get complaints about Soylent breath?
Has anyone ever tried mixing in Chai?



Yes. For additional flavoring tips, try Official Flavoring v1.5 Thread, or one of the other flavoring threads. (My favorite is coffee. :coffee:)


This is my fist time posting.

1.5 is my introduction to Soylent, and all I can say is that I really like the flavor. That includes any aftertaste.

It really just tastes, to me, like oats and rice protein. And, both are delicious.

[I will admit that I’ve been consuming Sun Warrior rice protein for years, so maybe I’ve become accustomed to the texture and flavor.]


That may explain it. I have never tried anything similar to this, so the aftertaste is unappealing. I hope some of the flavoring ideas help.


There is an aftertaste, and I’m trying to avoid it. Not because it bothers me, but rather to “swap” the lingering last-thing-you-ate feeling with something else, to break the monotony. One thing I noticed, it’s very easy to offset the taste after Soylent, since it’s neutral in general.
One grape tomato does it for me, or piece of celery, bread, strawberry - finger food serving size.


Soylent 1.5 is my first time trying Soylent.

I have no complaints about any after taste or anything like that.

Although it’s probably (partly) because I’ve been eating (drinking?) meal replacement and/or protein powders before Soylent. So I’m pretty accustomed to drinking a meal that has a “weird” taste to it.


I chilled mine overnight and it really improved the taste. It really cut down the after taste.


First post, at the end of my first day on Soylent.

I’m glad I didn’t try any of the previous blends, particularly those that contained flavouring agents, because I quite like the plain taste of 1.5.

Well, like may be the wrong word… Maybe it’d be more accurate to say that I revel in it’s inoffensiveness.

I too have a history with protein powders and such, though, so it’s pretty par-for-the-course for my palate.