Is it all about the aftertaste?

I just started on Soylent with 1.5 and the aftertaste is pretty bad. Does anyone get complaints about Soylent breath?
Has anyone ever tried mixing in Chai?

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Yes. For additional flavoring tips, try Official Flavoring v1.5 Thread, or one of the other flavoring threads. (My favorite is coffee. :coffee:)


This is my fist time posting.

1.5 is my introduction to Soylent, and all I can say is that I really like the flavor. That includes any aftertaste.

It really just tastes, to me, like oats and rice protein. And, both are delicious.

[I will admit that I’ve been consuming Sun Warrior rice protein for years, so maybe I’ve become accustomed to the texture and flavor.]

That may explain it. I have never tried anything similar to this, so the aftertaste is unappealing. I hope some of the flavoring ideas help.

There is an aftertaste, and I’m trying to avoid it. Not because it bothers me, but rather to “swap” the lingering last-thing-you-ate feeling with something else, to break the monotony. One thing I noticed, it’s very easy to offset the taste after Soylent, since it’s neutral in general.
One grape tomato does it for me, or piece of celery, bread, strawberry - finger food serving size.

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Soylent 1.5 is my first time trying Soylent.

I have no complaints about any after taste or anything like that.

Although it’s probably (partly) because I’ve been eating (drinking?) meal replacement and/or protein powders before Soylent. So I’m pretty accustomed to drinking a meal that has a “weird” taste to it.

I chilled mine overnight and it really improved the taste. It really cut down the after taste.

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First post, at the end of my first day on Soylent.

I’m glad I didn’t try any of the previous blends, particularly those that contained flavouring agents, because I quite like the plain taste of 1.5.

Well, like may be the wrong word… Maybe it’d be more accurate to say that I revel in it’s inoffensiveness.

I too have a history with protein powders and such, though, so it’s pretty par-for-the-course for my palate.