Is it blue & black? Overly salty, or not?


I wonder if there is a correlation between people who see the dress as blue & black, and who think 1.4 is overly salty. :smile:

I personally see it as gold & white (light blue actually), and 1.4 does not taste salty to me. (Slight salty aftertaste)


What is it in 1.4 that makes some gag?


Et tu, discourse :’(


I think that it’s pretty obvious that low resolution cameras will pick up colors differently in different light settings. I also think light hitting certain fabrics will give it that goldish glow. (kind like a hologram sticker we enjoyed as kids)


I don’t think 1.4 is overly salty. It just has a salty after taste. Just people describe this taste is different but I think most would agree that it’s sweet at first then salty after you gave it a sip.

Personally, I think Rosa Labs tried the powdered oil thing way too soon before working out the potential bugs. That means we were introduced to new oil sources like the one from Sunflower seeds. I have put sunflower seeds in health shakes in my time. Sunflowers has a strange and kinda salty after taste and the fat is kinda stringy. I don’t think they choose Sunflower oils necessarily because it’s the healthiest but because they wanted to do away with the oil bottles which was premature imo.

I say keep the recipe exactly the same but bring back the oil. Keep the macro ratio and the Isomal and bring back the algae/canola blend.


Hahaha, it is probably my fault. I brought it up in the other thread last night. However, I am probably going to shoot Zenman hope for correlation right out of the water. I tend to see the dress as blue & black, but 1.4 doesn’t taste salty to me either; it tends to taste sweet (like graham crackers dissolved into milk)…though I do pick up on the aftertaste as well; I am not absolutely positive “salty” is exactly how I would describe it, but I can’t think of a better way either.


Yea, salty and “chemically” are both words to describe the after taste it seems. If you ever had a potassium salt substitute, you would know what I mean. It tastes “salty” but it fools you and tastes “chemically” as well.

Sweet at first than tangy after.


I dont see it as blue and black, neither do i see it as white and gold. i see it as blue and gold (blue and brown to be exact. So how will i find soylent? :smile:


Actually, the low cost of sunflower oil was one of the factors in them choosing it. Someone from RL actually mentioned as much, but I can’t remember which thread.


Edited: i hope they switch atleast a part of sunflower oil with avocado or macadamia oil or almond oil. Same mono-unsat fats. Or the good old olive oil, its cheaper than the above three.


Olive Oil has a pretty strong taste though, I’m not sure that would go over well with Soylent (especially since the flavor is getting closer to neutral).

Other than cost, I wonder why additional algal oil or canola isn’t an option? I know they mentioned using some of the algal oil in the powdered form so we know it’s possible.


i havent tasted it but arent there non-bitter varieties of it?


I see. If it lowers the quality for a large portion of the customers, it should be done away with.

It would be nice but not likely because of the expense. Olive oil is cheap and healthy enough. Although, olive oil is very distinctive. Canola imo seems to have the least extreme taste. it’s more neutral

Maybe they can even go 100% Algal oil? I am not sure but it seems to be a very cheap source


Arent there non bitter varieties of olive oil. I havent tasted them so far. Also they must have dumped canola for the possible goitrogenic qualities. And i think they were not sure algal oil did not have that ATCV virus thing. I am guessing. The amount now is very small to worry about it it seems.


Isn’t that like 1 in a billion chance?


I dont know.

post must be atleast 20


Well, there are lighter versions of olive oil but even olive oil in it’s lightest will have some after taste.


Then they could probably do a blend with majority sunflower and the remaining with a mixture of all or most of those oils instead of just olive, and test it.


Even if it’s not the cheapest, 100% algal oil just sounds super cool and good for the environment, etc. It would be good for the brand.

@Tark, there are definitely some olive oils that have less distinctive flavors than others. “Light” olive oil is subjected to an extremely fine filtration process that reduces much of the olive oil flavor, but neutral oils will be things like canola oil, grapeseed oil, and peanut oil. Olive oil will be somewhere between those and the stronger flavored oils like sesame oil or chili oil.

I’m not an expert, but I’ve never had an olive oil that was neutral enough to go unnoticed in something like Soylent.

Re: ATCV virus, if there was any sort of substantial risk of the algal oil carrying the virus, they would not have simply reduced the amount of algal oil but instead would have eliminated it. The discussion about this elsewhere on the Soylent forums had no real basis in science so I won’t link it, but it seems like the risks posed by farmed algal oil are miniscule.

Ultimately, the sunflower oil feels like an issue of cost. There didn’t seem to be any issues with the previous oil blend other than the delivery method, so I can’t help but question such a dramatic change even in the light of the overall increase in fat content. This might just be a case of RL needing to make the decision to bite the bullet and pay for the better oil blend.


It seems that we all agree that RL has an oil problem.

Their needs to be an oil blend that is both neutral in taste, has very little to no affect on the overall texture of Soylent, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I’d rather them go back to the oil bottles for a little


It’s saltier, but not overly so. It’s the other flavors that are unpleasant. Some say it’s the sunflower oil, others say the isomaltulose, the starches, or a combination of all of the above.
I think they changed a bunch of things and are going to have to backtrack a bit to figure out what caused the problems that some of us are having.
I think some people really like the new formula because they just have lower sensitivity to tastes and textures of food. I have a high sensitivity to those things. 1.3 was neutral in that it was bland and had a lower viscosity.
We all know there will be future revisions to the formula, let’s just how Rosa Labs makes the right tweaks.


Whatever they do in the future to fix the oil (if that were the problem)… It’ll still be in powdered form. The oil bottles are history.