Is it possible that "satiety" is just indigestion?


I ask because if people drink the same volume from 1.0/1.2 as from 1.1, and yet experience a “fuller” feeling from 1.0/1.2 … it isn’t really because you’ve just eaten more food.

And it is also known (khaleesi) that one of the main symptoms of indigestion is a “full feeling”.

I love soylent except for the fact that I’ve had major heartburn problems that were only slightly ameliorated by 1.1 . It’s probably related to the same thing that is causing gas in other people. Since they’re bring back the “satiety” in 1.2, I’m having to put my subscription on pause until they figure it out. But I’m also thinking it’s possible that by the time they figure it out, people are going to have to say goodbye to that “full feeling” since they might just be celebrating their own indigestion.

BTW, just one data point of many. I’ve had borderline high cholesterol for 2-3 years now. I just had my physical after three months of 75% soylent (25% normal food, probably healthier than I normally eat). My LDL didn’t budge, my HDL went down 20% (bad, but I’m still above average), and my Trigs went way up (still in normal range, but on the high side). Disappointing. Blood sugar levels were outstanding, though.


I can’t say that I’ve noticed any difference at all with regard to satiety or with how long it takes to get hungry. I do see where 1.2 could be considered thicker than 1.1, but as far as hunger goes, I can’t tell a difference.

Just my experience.

Concerning cholesterol. There are numerous factors including genes, but in general exercise is a more important factor than diet. That’s not to say that diet is unimportant, but exercise will usually have a bigger impact on your cholesterol numbers. Of course, each individual is different and I’m only bringing it up because you didn’t mention exercise. If you’re expecting diet alone to take care of your cholesterol, then you’re likely setting yourself up for disappointment.


A drop of 20% in HDL is concerning. I am guessing his exercise or lack of exercise level was the same before going on soylent and after he went 75% of soylent… as he didnt mention any changes in that activity (Correct me if i am wrong tunesmith). I read a similar post before too by someone else who said their HDL dropped if i remember correctly. Did anyone else measure their HDL/cholesterol levels while on soylent?


I was trying to think why soylent could be decreasing the HDL. Then i tried to recall what is in soylent that could potentially do this. Then i remembered that it had lower levels of sodium than RDA and i wondered if that is causing HDL to drop?. Then i did a google search and…


Sorry to narrate my whole chain of thought :smile: I felt it was dramatic as all of these happened in seconds.


It’s likely psychosomatic and not an actual biological response. Hth



Post must be atleast 20…


Tark, I think he’s referring to the satiety as an indigestion issue, rather than the HDL thing.

If it were just indigestion then the people on 1.0 taking over the counter enzymes would find it just as unsatisfying as 1.1 (since that seems to have the same effect for a lot of people).

@tunesmith I’m curious, you say your blood sugar levels were outstanding. How does that compare with your last physical? I don’t know how much of the difference between 1.0 and 1.1 is due to indigestion though I’ve definitely experienced a bit of it myself.